Capt. Napalm and the Theromonuclear League of Liberty
Sep 17

Here’s how this article’s legacy will play out: I read it. I will forget I ever read it. Then one late drunken night on my recliner, years from now, I’ll recall it. I won’t remember what I’m recalling, nor will I understand where, who, or why any of these fantastic details are in my consciousness in the first place. Read more

Dec 11 2019

I think, in the not too distant future, the trilogy approach to the sequels will be viewed as a terrible mistake. Mandalorian, Rebels, and Clone Wars all prove SW works really well as a serialized story. This pressure to wrap up a forty year story in three movies, when one of the movies is a remake and the sequel Read more

Nov 12 2019

Boomer here. I still think it’s funny as hell, especially the hysteria. And I know you kids aren’t talking about me. I’m not a regular granny, I’m a cool granny.

Sep 30 2019

If you’re the Raiders, now is your prime chance to make a killing selling “Vobody’s Burfict” shirts for $15 a pop to your remaining 10,000 idiot fans.

Sep 24 2019

In keeping with rocket-armed A’s outfielders in Anaheim, here’s another gem. Sadly undermined a bit by miserable TV production at the beginning, opting for a tracking shot of the runner that would make Paul Thomas Anderson jealous.

Sep 24 2019

The terrible slide doesn’t help but damn, it’s arguably a better throw than Ichiro’s iconic gunning down of Terrence Long:

Sep 17 2019

We rarely know everything behind a stranger’s situation. Maybe she had a death in the family and booked last-minute tickets to attend the funeral. Maybe another family member just called to say they’re suicidal or in desperate medical condition, and she dropped everything and booked the only seats she could grab. Read more

Sep 13 2019

It’s very simple. Politicians who aren’t senile pivot smoothly, they pivot once, and they pivot from the start. They “whatabout” it out of the gate; “that’s a great question, but what the real problem is...” and off they go. They literally answer a question that wasn’t asked as if they were answering the original Read more

Sep 23 2018

While it’s amazing for us mere mortals who enjoy golf to see (subjective) the GOAT, it’s exciting watching him get back to form and makes good tv. Read more

Aug 11 2011

Hearing him say "acrost" every time he folded that sheet kind of made me want to kick puppies.