Jun 14 2019

I think you’d be hardpressed to find anyone who thinks that there shouldn’t be a second of overtime in game development. It’s tough to schedule “finding the fun,” and no amount of buffer can account for every possible factor that goes into making something great. The problem is that the video game industry is built on Read more

May 23 2018

He only had the most stressful job in the fucking world for eight fucking years. He’s a fucking private fucking citizen and can do whatever the fuck he wants. Read more

May 4 2018

My ancestory is mainly German, Irish and French. It helps explain why I like to make things orderly, but then get drunk and give up.

Apr 24 2018

Thank god that in America (land/home/free/brave),you’re not forced to go.I’ll give your seat to someone interested in this sort of movie.Cheers!

Apr 24 2018

Everyone dies except Hawkeye. Then, in Part 2, he shoots the gauntlet off Thanos’ hand with a “gauntlet-remover arrow,” uses it to reincarnate everyone, and collectively they kick gauntlet-less Thanos’ ass. Read more

Apr 20 2018

Romaine is a trash weed variety of lettuce and should be thrown away anyway. The only reason it is so popular is because big lettuce has been pushing it on the market because it’s cheaper to produce than iceberg. Romaine is much more heat tolerant and can be grown in places like Arizona, where there are vast tracts of Read more

Mar 28 2018

It’s clear you’ve never worked in a field where being there in person is absolutely necessary. First of all, there are some of us that work as shift workers (myself), and while we can put in requests ahead of time, and most of the time get them, sometimes it just doesn’t work out and you can’t legally just not show up Read more

Jan 30 2018

It’s very rare to have any iron in pure silver, unless it was a rather poor refining process. As for platinum, it could be a concern with iron concentration in the hundreds of parts per million, even with the highest purity platinum. It’s not enough to be noticed with a standard magnet but devices like MRIs could pose Read more

Jan 11 2018

Just like Yoda wanted to think of himself as a cool lovable muppet and not a CGI mess.

Nov 8 2017

I’ll counter that Jeff Fisher did an absolutely masterful coaching job with the Rams. He wasn’t brought in to win, he was brought in to tank the team and erode as much fan support in the city of St. Louis as possible so that it would be easier to move the Rams to LA and we STILL supported the Rams way more than they Read more

Oct 19 2017

I don’t think complaining here gets you a free Lifehacker but I admire your moxie!

Jun 26 2017

Hey, at least it’s a change! You know, it’s like when I wasn’t really happy with my kitchen and thought about remodeling it. Well, the contractor was taking too long and spent too much time emailing about the details of the job (and he wasn’t really energetic, big turn off) so instead I just decided to throw a couple Read more