sTalkinggoat attacks! with Trollhammer for 14 DMG
1:53 PM

Up where I am, there was a front page headline “Police Join Protestors in March for Racial Justice.” Then you read the article: “When asked what changes people might expect, the local police chief said ‘We do not anticipate changing any of our policies’.” Read more

1:30 PM

Just more cynical theater from those with a vested interest in the status quo. “Look at the good cops kneeling. The problem really is just a few bad apples. No need to look behind the curtain. Everything’s fine.” Read more

1:00 PM

Generally speaking, I think if you really cared about and were opposed to the various injustices built into the machinery of the criminal justice system, you wouldn’t become a part of that machinery—a prosecutor, a cop, etc. So, while I’d like to leave room for police officers on an individual basis there is room for Read more

12:49 PM

After spending days both praising themselves and being praised by others for not escalating the protests and returning peaceful protesting with brutality, the hunger for violence became too much for the NOPD here in New Orleans and they finally gassed protesters and shot at them with projectiles. (They’re blaming the Read more

12:43 PM

They could but I don’t think they would, but I don’t think it will get that far because like almost all of his threats this one is hollow and he won’t back it up if he hits the slightest bit of resistance over it.

12:26 PM

You know the Aryan ideal the nazis had? Tall, broad-shouldered, muscular, blond? Ever seen a picture of Hitler, Himmler, Göring? Read more

11:52 AM

The funny thing about him saying he wants to deploy the army to quell these protests is that outside of dc he can’t unless the governors ask him to he can’t just send the 1st infantry division to Minneapolis or New York on a whim.

11:46 AM

The fact that the Archdioese of St. Joseph sounds like they REALLY WANNA pull up on Trump’s ass after this stunt is all the proof I need that this man is getting buried in the worst way possible when the time comes. Read more

11:38 AM

I’m baffled. how did this chubby, prissy, vain person get equated with masculinity in their minds?

11:38 AM

I am still unable to wrap my brain around the most hilarious/wretched of all MAGAt ironies: he HATES the poor white trash who worship him. And they’re just too blinded by their hatred of the Other to see it.

6:29 PM

Just so. The “bad apple” argument is complete bullshit.

6:02 PM

A quick look at Minnesota statues says the coroner or medical examiner can either be elected of appointed. That have to be an MD and,The coroner must obtain additional training in medicolegal death investigation, such as training by the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators, within four years of taking Read more

5:51 PM

Not directly related to this but at least 9 military personnel carriers just drove through DC and pulled into the White House complex. Trump wants a massacre and is begging for an excuse. 

5:26 PM

Imagine how sick your mind must be to watch that video and think “I don’t know, I think diabetes and high blood pressure killed that man,” instead of the knee on his neck for 9 minutes. The absolutely brain rot of that thought might give me a fucking stroke. 

5:11 PM

So many prior convictions are going to be re-opened by this. Every autopsy done by county coroner should be thrown out and cases re-tried.

4:59 PM

Dr. Baden’s preeminent opinion should carry all the weight that watching the video doesn’t! This one when his celebrity is based on skill and long-term expertise! Read more