St. John from Des Moines

Since getting the Steam Deck back in April, I’ve barely touched my Switch, bought literally no new games for it, and have even since allowed my NSO subscription to lapse with a less than 50% chance that I’ll ever opt to re-up. Meanwhile, the Steam Deck has become far and away my most-used system, taking the crown that Read more

Since my employer no longer tests for cannabis in existing or prospective employees, and since hemp-derived delta 9 is [technically} legal, and that’s primarily what I use anymore anyway (I’m in a state where outright cannabis is still illegal), I finally feel comfortable to tell you that VisualDon is one of my Read more

(pt 1 of 2 - the author DID say they wanted us to elaborate, right?!) ;-) Read more

I’ve been waiting for someone to pose this question! Read more

I got my Steam Deck just under a month ago, have installed 60 games (exactly 60, I think), and have tried playing several of them. So far, I have only had -one- game completely fail to launch altogether (Star Control I & II), only one game launch where the game itself was broken (Lovely Planet - no audio), and just a Read more

Comment that ponders out loud the possibility of a deliberate correlation between this article and the recent “Outer Worlds 2" reveal trailer. Comment contains lens flares. Read more