Jul 8

A salt grinder is such a pointless thing to have. It makes less sense than having your own bacon slicer and buying your bacon unsliced. Ground pepper loses some aromatics over time so it’s better to grind it fresh, but salt is salt.

Jul 8

Grief hits you in the weirdest ways. I lost my father to COVID in early April. (He was already in ill health, and was recovering from an operation in the hospital when he caught it, and passed away a week later.) When I was growing up, the SNES was the first system we got, and I have very fond memories of playing DKC Read more

Jul 7

1) Attempt to scroll the first page. 2) Hit the bottom and think something wrong happened with the page loading. 3) Realize it’s yet another one of these beloved unnecessary galleries. 4) Click Print to be able to read the whole article in a traditional format. 5) Click fast to the end to comment (or reply to a Read more

Jun 26

Things aren’t as monotone as good vs bad. ALL cops break a law they are required to uphold. Whether it’s a parking law, speeding, double parking, turning your lights on to go through a red.... That’s all abuse of power. And they all do it. Read more

Jun 23

I’m surprised the Karl Malone impression hasn’t come up sooner. I distinctly remember watching that a few times back in the 90's...figured more people remembered that. I always thought he took that shit way over the line.

Jun 22

So this likely means some kind of automatic integration of the next Xbox with Facebook, which also means I will never buy one. Facebook needs to die.

Jun 14

2JZ gang gonna come out of the woodwork any minute now.

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Jun 2

and that’s okay! There’s an implicit ‘if Black people are around you’ attached to the statement. Consider also: the internet— with the caveat that I don’t want you to go out and try to collect Black friends like Pokemon.

Jun 2

Not to devalue or take away from your message, but, (and there’s not really a nice, or I guess delicate way to frame this) there aren’t any Black friends to be had where I live... What I mean by that is I live in a VERY whitewashed place with a large Hispanic culture, and that’s essentially it. Read more

Jun 2

I saw the video and it looked like he could see the protesters before it was too late. I really don’t think it was intentional as you can see him “oh shit” braking and avoiding hitting anyone. Read more

May 22

I skipped the slides by changing the number at the end of the URL, in order to say that I hate this shitty format. Read more

May 18

One highly specialized player, who spends his life analyzing every quirk of the game, managed to win a tournament in a unique way. Read more

Apr 19

Hate speech has no protection under the first ammendment.  It’s too bad more could not be done to them.  This behavior has zero place in our world.  They have zero excuses for what they did.  I’m white.  I ashamed.