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1:18 PM

I received several of these. Since I’m already signed up for Fedex Delivery Manager (thanks to Lifehacker) I knew something was fishy. I just deleted them. Read more

12:06 PM

No HDMI in? That means no more XBOX as pass through for TV. I admit, the XBOX is online probably 95% of time just to watch TV. If I upgrade, it will be sitting idle and unused most of the time. Might actually be used less since now I have to find the controller, switch the A/V, etc. I might rent less movies through Read more

11:30 AM

The damn thing looks big enough that I’d hope the power brick is integrated. I think my Xbox One S just has a standard power cord? But maybe I’m wrong.

11:25 AM

What’s wonderful is the unconventional shape of the thing.  It will fit into stereo cabinets so nicely.  /s

8:52 PM

Now this is one of the greatest posts of all time at this place.

11:04 AM

Also it stops the possibility of having Pointy integrate their service with any other search engines. Two birds, one stone.

4:27 PM

The WNBA brings in $25 million in revenue. The NBA brings in $7.4 BILLION in revenue. How on earth are you going to make the argument that the players in the WNBA should be paid anywhere near what NBA players make? Making the argument that they should be paid more is fine, but using the word equity and comparing the Read more

12:59 PM

Sometimes I feel I’ve got to
Run away, I’ve got to
Get away from the pain you rip from the taint of me
The joke we share
Seems to go nowhere
And I’ve lost my light
For I toss and turn, I can’t sleep at night

Once I ran from you (I ran)
Now I’ll run to you
This tainted band aid you’ve shown
I won’t wince like you pull Read more

4:58 PM

Lmao, let’s hope that doesn’t happen! :D But to overanalyze your question... regret is like the temporal inverse of disgust. Disgust motivates you to avoid passive, or less immediate, dangers that might happen in the near future. Regret, on the other hand, motivates you to avoid repeating behaviors that have already Read more

4:45 PM

Very interesting and wonderful comment. Can AI regret? As in, Neon will regret to have ever been born (developed) and go into an anxiety driven tailspin. Maybe that was covered in the book Frankenstein. 

4:29 PM

So, this is interesting, but like you I’m skeptical about whether it can pull off everything it claims to. What I’m most skeptical about is when they say that part of Spectra is learning emotions. 99% of the time when software is created to try to bring “emotions” to the table, it’s just a facade. Just a crude mimicry Read more

3:58 PM

I assume the porn Adult Entertainment industry is already working  on partnerships.