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1:24 PM

Got my 10+ last week and I am very impressed. I don’t want a smaller screen and my hands are actually pretty big, but I can totally see the appeal of the smaller phone. If you want to use the Dex feature, which is actually pretty cool, the lower amount of RAM might actually be an issue though.

11:47 AM

I want no-compromise ‘smaller’ phones. Not that this is even a small phone, per se, but why not give me all the dang cameras and RAM?

3:18 PM

Yeah the X was the last truly exciting & revolutionary iPhone, everything since has been a tweak here/there that 95% of consumers won’t notice. That’s why I switched to a Pixel; I eventually got tired of the same old thing.

2:56 PM

Gotta say I’ve been pretty happy with the X I’ve had the last two years. Wasn’t to motivated too upgrade last year. I’m on the fence if I want to this time around. I’d kinda like the larger screen size of a Pro Max and I’m sure the camera would be neat but overall since I’ve been so pleased with my current phones

9:19 AM

Everyone can thank me for the release of MX3, as I just replaced a 3 year old MX (after looking closely at it and retching) with a MX2 two weeks ago. 

3:26 PM

Anyone want this object, or have literally anything to say about it that’s not just a complaint about the dedicated Bixby button on their Samsung phone?



2:45 PM

These suggestions aren’t bad, per se, but I feel like they aren’t very realistic. I’m sure they work well in the test kitchen, but some of these would simply never work in my house.

1:01 PM

Biggest questions I continue to ask are related to digital content. As owner of a single switch for the family (myself and kids)... each of us with our own user profile and collectively on the same family ‘plan’ .. whatever Nintendo call it... if my kids were to receive their own Lite.. how does games / saves / DLC

11:55 AM

It is sturdier,that’s good for children, and that’s about the only positive I can see in this thing. At $200, it just doesn’t seem like a good value, and I’m wondering if you couldn’t just accomplish the same thing taking a standard Switch, and dumping the dock, HDMI cable, controller grip, and the individual joy-con

11:16 AM

Yeah, its a tough call. I have a launch Switch and I play it 80% of the time with my kids playing it the rest of the time (they mostly play 3DS and Wii U). With more and more games coming out to Switch, I know they’ll want more time with it. There’s a lot I like about the Lite, but the TV out is probably the deal

8:26 PM

Just got my note 10+ 5g. Phones amazing after you do all the setting changes to make the screen resolution what it should be and turn on Dolby Atmos for sound. Camera is top notch, video recordings are also amazing. Not sure about the complaints about night photos as I don't often try to take pics when it's dark out.

4:32 PM

Never, ever underestimate a mediocre, rich white man’s desire to stare huge sums of money in the face, have people practically screaming “THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO TAKE MY MONEY FROM ME AND I WILL GLADLY GIVE IT TO YOU”...and then say “nah, I’ll do what I want even if it loses me money in the end.”

4:30 PM

This may sound strange, but when I visit the site I feel like I’m amongst friends. I’ve obviously not met any of the writers, but after spending a decade reading their work and watching them evolve and grow through the years I feel personally invested in the site. I’m eager to read the personal tone of each

4:13 PM

The money it’s costing them is penciled in.  As long as they turn a profit murdering something they didn’t create, and couldn’t create they’re more than satisfied and however this shakes out, they’ll think of it as one more in a long line of successes that they earned.

1:19 PM

You’re right. My Note 9 literally disintegrated as though Thanos were involved precisely 180 days after buying it. You, good sir, are clearly wise beyond measure. Thank you for these pearls.

1:43 PM

I am 38 years old; I have a stack of Thor, Spider Man, and X Men comics dating back to the 60s that my father gave to me, I read them all more times than I can remember. When I was old enough to buy my own...I did. I grew up on the 90s X Men show, Spider Man and all the other 90s Marvel TV shows that were out. Safe to