Robin George Andrews
Aug 28 2019

Eh. More like vomiting, I’d say, if the conduit is seen as the volcano’s “throat”.

Mar 19 2019

Eh, I just like the pyramids for magma reservoirs. Olympic swimming pools are great when it comes to lava flows though!

Mar 19 2019

S’all good! The thing is, in the past, we may have thought all these things were related, but then science came along, got better and doing what it does best, and found that these things are extremely complicated but aren’t connected. :)

Mar 19 2019

Hey, geoscientist here. I can confirm that none of these events are connected in any shape or form.

Oct 29 2018

The evidence for the red skies, although rather beautiful and poetic, is fairly circumstantial. The timing originally matched up, but now it looks like it doesn’t, so who knows? Perhaps the skies did turn red; perhaps it was a linguistic flurry. :)