Oct 23 2018

I deleted my Facebook account, so no condescending community problem but I guess its not much different from this one sometimes :)
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Oct 23 2018

That reminds me that I am expecting my Creality CR-10 (300x300x400mm) either tomorrow or Thursday. It arrived at my city’s distribution center just this morning after an excruciatingly long month, surprise fees and of course surprise customs taxes. Read more

Sep 8 2018

All you had to do was ask, apparently, and Jill provideth, like a benevolent Flying Spaghetti Monster raining down meatballs on the faithful (the good kind, not like at Ikea).

Sep 7 2018

Thanks to everyone who has been patient with me while I scream-cry it out, all over the Internet.

Aug 1 2018

Would it be 3/4 of her planet, now? Or did Thanos exclude planets he’d already been to from the snap?

Jun 15 2018

Not that it matters, but I saw through his shit a long time ago. Dude was always more concerned with puffing his own image and ego above everyone else, and using his various outlets (podcast, websites, TV shows) to do so.

Apr 26 2018

I admit I sometimes rinse out the cap while the washer is filling; it’s not wasting water since it goes right int0 the washer as it would have anyway. At the same time I realize how ridiculous I’m being ... oh dear, there’s soap on my soap measuring cup!

Apr 19 2018

8:10 has the most important part of the video, which is giving you an idea of how long you can stay conscious without supplemental oxygen depending on altitude - which is generally going to be a while.

Mar 13 2018

I seem to recall that one does not simply apparate into Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Was their security not as good before Voldemort?

Mar 8 2018

Whenever something like this pops up, its always important to remember that being envious of a person missing a major limb probably isn’t cool. Read more

Feb 26 2018

WTF with the spoiler? Thanks for ruining it. I get that most people (me included) don’t care about this show like we used to, but that’s just a dick move.

Feb 7 2018

Makes sense. I watched it right after the Super Bowl and enjoyed it, largely because 1) it was as free as anything else on Netflix and 2) I was caught up in the fun of the announcement and premiere. If it had a traditional release, I’m not sure if I would have gone to see it and if I had I don’t know how satisfied I Read more

Feb 3 2018

I had no idea who he was until today. Thank you for this, made my laugh out loud like a drunken idiot