They just plane walked out of there. Read more

If your employer matches your contribution to any sort of retirement plan, contribute up to the maximum matching before contributing to any other type of retirement plan. Read more

Since this is iPhone-specific, how about letting your readers know that via the headline? Sheez... Read more

Gonna take a moment to shill for myself: Read more

Wow I had no idea GDQ was even happening. Really goes to show no one talks about it much anymore. Read more

EA promises nothing else will change Read more

OG Burger King Chicken Tenders were the best in the game and they were fools to get rid of them.  Read more

Julienned water chestnut or lotus root. Plenty of crunch, not much flavor. Read more

CBS has enough money. Watch the impeachment trial via PBS for free on YouTube. Then donate so we can continue enjoying PBS. Read more

Can someone watch this and write it down? Videos suck. Read more

Using almost none of these will make you sound or seem smarter. They will make you sound or seem like a person who’s not even smart enough to realize how obviously they look like they’re trying to sound appear smart. Read more

You liked frozen nougat, but missed the best candy bar to freeze for this: 3 Musketeers. Read more

Idk I figured it’d all be nintendo stuff which is fine by me Read more

They still have them in the A&W where I am in Wisconsin.  Read more

Finally, cut off any charred sections of the meat before eating. Read more

There is most totally a new LiA this week, and a pretty good one, too.