GreyOne [This_one_was_called_Spr0ckets]
Oct 1

I heard that FLOTUS will only be seen in left-profile for a while yet, after having her right ear torn halfway off in a terrible fight with Ivanka while they were both high as balls on Addy. This is what I’m hearing; people are saying it.

Sep 30

White privilege: The luxury of being able to watch a “debate” between a guy who is winking at white supremacists and a guy who you only agree with 80% of the time, and see some kind of “both sides” narrative. Read more

Sep 30

You can lick your wounds about how the primaries went as long as you want, I guess, but the thing is, they went. They are over. What’s on the table right now is the impending election of the next president of the USA.

Sep 29

If you still have a Facebook account at this point, that's on you.

Sep 23

For all the people saying that elections don’t matter and why should I vote, Exhibit A: Daniel Cameron. He was elected to his position. I am certain some black folks voted for his ass thinking he was one of them. Uh no. He is one of the ones Harriet would’ve shot. He suffers from “We Sick Boss” disease and is living Read more

Sep 7

When going to the gym and having a shapely ass is your only life skill you take photos of it. Brands give you money to drape said ass in their products. This is because Robocop was a warning we didn’t listen to.

Aug 29

It’s a thought, but then Black Panther would stop being a hero. It was a defining moment in the evolution of T’Challa as a hero, not just a king.

Jul 24

America is going to vote for Biden—not because we like him, as I don’t know one person who is firmly in Biden’s camp Read more

Jun 30

Do you have any proof at all for this theory, because I can point to basically every Democratic pick-up in 2018 as proof for the “run a moderate to take a moderate district” theorem.