Dec 14 2018

I see you’ve found your way from r/ChoosingBeggars

Dec 5 2018

What country do you live in? Luckily, in every state in the United States, it’s not illegal to lightly tap someone on the shoulder to get their attention. There’s nothing assaultive about that.

Dec 2 2018

This story was not reported as if the disappearance had anything to do with Costa Rica. It was simply... reported.

Nov 30 2018

I have an in ordinate amount of pent up rage hate toward faux gotcha commercials and the actors in them who have to play dumb to the whole thing. See also the Febreeze commercials from a few years back. I just keep imagining working on their shocked face in their mirror at home and it makes me want to throw things at Read more

Nov 30 2018

Yeah there’s no way any of this is real.

Nov 30 2018

I think that this is a stunt that everyone’s in on. If you’re a social-media “influencer” (barf) why would you let it be known that you’re an idiot with a capital I? Wouldn’t this irrevocably damage your brand? They would need to sign a release to allow their image to be broadcast and if that were me, I wouldn’t do it. Read more

Nov 30 2018

This has been my favorite story all week. Influensters are insufferable and I think it’s hilarious.

Nov 28 2018

She already addressed this on IG yesterday and said they’ll be going up to size 40 very soon. Can we find something else to be enraged about?

Nov 26 2018

most activities have a <.0001% chance it could harm a baby. Lifting boxes. Being in a car. Stepping off a tall kerb. There is a much greater chance of the bay harming a woman though sooooo.

What are women supposed to do, wrap up in lots of squishy duvets and make a nest in a bed?

Nov 12 2018

Cardi B didn’t know the first thing about birth, apparently, and she was the one doing it.  I’m always surprised that people are surprised by easily googleable facts.  Like, when I’m about to go to a new grocery store, I google it first.  I can’t imagine not doing the same when I’m about to have a BABY.

Nov 10 2018

These people triage. They wouldn’t be pushing a car out of a garage if they could be saving someone’s life instead. Read more

Nov 9 2018

The things we will do to get out of awkward work parties.

Nov 9 2018

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it was a copy of Trump’s tax returns?

Nov 9 2018

Brent Kavanaugh was shouting and crying ten minutes into his hearing. RBG is 83 years old, broke three ribs and is working and joking from her hospital bed. Read more

Nov 9 2018

Just when you think you can’t love this incredible woman any more.

Nov 7 2018

How dare anyone criticize white [women? people?] they never do anything wrong. Read more

Nov 7 2018

He is literally going to get a reporter killed. I wish they’d all turn their backs and walk out. Let him talk to an empty room with no cameras or microphones.

Nov 7 2018

Why is it so important to call out white women over and over? Whites generally vote GOP, they’re the only “by race” demographic who give the Republicans a consistent majority of their votes aren’t they?. Read more