Hayden A
Jul 19 2017

I had heard of some of these incidents but it’s never been framed before. Well, that’s terrifying.

Aug 20 2015

They say that Deez Nuts is an Independent, but in my experience he has always leaned more to the left.

Jul 5 2015

hey guys. got a fun little anecdote for you all: did you know in other parts of the world they actually call soccer... football? how wild is that?

Jun 30 2015

It wouldn’t be the first time a guy from Kentucky is lured by Cousins.

Jun 25 2015

man imagine a party full of dudes who are incredibly defensive of Ted 2

Mar 12 2015

With that type of unexpected shit, it's no wonder why he's a McDonald's All-American.

Mar 11 2015

In fairness to Lemon, when they told him he was going to interview a Grand Wizard, he thought they meant John Wall.

Mar 7 2015

I really wish they would take these off the air. The only thing I can find to complain about with Curry is that he agreed to take part in this awful ad campaign.

Mar 2 2015

This is just one of many sick burns Azalea's been afflicted with as a result of having sex with Nick Young.