May 8 2015

The Federal NDP (New Democratic Party of Canada) is also putting forth a bill to the same means. You can read about it here.

Apr 9 2015

I wish Kinja's search function didn't suck so much. Because I've posted all this info a few times, and several commenters have had good results as a result. Read more

Apr 9 2015

Beets! Eat, drink, marry beets. They cleared up my skin and made my hair longer, faster!

Dec 17 2014

Didn't someone once say that he who is wisest is him who admits he knows nothing? I've found, equally paradoxically, that, as a white person, I may contribute less to the system of racism the more I recognize just how racist I truly am. Read more

Dec 6 2014

The remarkable thing, to me, about this is the continuing dystopian fantasy about "women's privileges" maintained by these nutcases and far too many who don't pull out the guns, but complain privately. If you quiz them about what these "privileges" are, they'll tell you:

- women expect and get free everything
- women Read more

Sep 30 2014

I'm waiting for big thighs to be A THING, so that I can finally find pants that fit around mine.

Aug 11 2014

Awful, terrble news. He struggled with depression & addiction for years. More proof that mental illness does not discriminate. He had the world's adoration, a loving family & resources far beyond what the average person has and still lost the battle. I hope that someday we treat mental illness as the devastating thing Read more

Jul 21 2014

This is awesome, I'm going to apply to work at Starbuck's and then tell them my religion forbids me from serving people caffeinated products. And then I'm going to apply at McDonald's and tell them that I will not be serving anyone any beef products because I'm a Hindu and see how far that goes. And then I'm going Read more

Jul 21 2014

I'm Canadian. If you put sugar in my tea, I will brew my next pot in your hollowed-out skull cavity. Read more

Jul 19 2014

Fashion is art, and art is not frivolous. Having said that, I think this article is kind of preaching to the converted, no? And some women's magazines do publish utter tripe, like Cosmo or even Vogue. Same thing with men's magazines (GQ, Esquire).

Jul 17 2014

Beautiful writing. My opinion is that there is never going to be a perfect time to have a baby. Not in your personal life, and certainly not in the world as a whole. So if you want to do it, go ahead. Read more

Jul 15 2014

My wedding's not included in this list. I was in the back yard playing in the mud with a stray dog. My intended yelled out the window, "If you still wanna marry me, there's some people here who know a guy who's licensed to marry people."
So those people made a phone call and about six of us jumped in the car to drive Read more