3:51 PM

You are right. I am sorry for not considering the Chinese people in my statement. China is great and LeBron James is a national hero both in America and China. 习主席万岁

12:06 PM

Maddux got his by accident when the braves forgot to exit the playoffs earlier. The Yankees going deep into the post-season almost every year prevented CC from getting to 300.

7:26 PM

The democratic party has the almost all the same players as they did under the Obama administration. So unless "the squad" makes it their cause celebre to protect all of the whistleblowers mentioned in this article then for me it seems like the whistleblowers about Ukraine are, at best, pawns to a game out of their Read more

2:17 PM

Most Americans are sick of corruption. Unfortunately, many people only see the corruption in the political party that they have no affiliation. I was referencing how a lot of people, especially on this site, seem to think, "This is the one that will stick."

5:20 PM

The thing everybody is missing is that everything investigation related after Mueller didn’t force an indictment is solely for election points. So unless the dems turn on Joe Biden, anything impeachment related will be an attempt to maximize November 2020. This is because if impeachment occurs, no senate repub will Read more

11:27 AM

Ignoring the copyright claim by Nickelback, I presume this will cement Biden’s status as unelectable in the eyes of the writers at Splinter who are so against ethical breaches such as the one presented in the photograph. (If anyone is in the mood to see a master class on ethics, look up about Bernie and his wife Read more

1:36 PM

There already is a civil war-like fracture. It's just the quality of life is so much higher now that it will take a lot longer before it turns violent on a large scale. Bleeding Kansas started 7 years before the civil war.

7:21 PM

The human brain isn't fully developed at 18. The propoganda for college is tremendous. Going to Harvard or Stanford will definitely improve your earning potential, William and Mary or Oberlin...not so much. So you aren't an idiot, maybe misguided in your youth as many of us, including me, were regarding higher Read more

2:55 PM

It’s not about what the teams were doing in the game. It’s that the losing team, which also failed at the goal of not giving up Minor's 200th strike out, had the audacity to claim the moral high-ground to the media after the game.