Spice Spice Gravy
Nov 18

Frankly, I’d rather show you my search history or share my credit card numbers over public WiFi.

Nov 16

I’m all for nachos. They’re much more fun to dump accidentally on someone sitting nearby than a $12 beer.

Nov 15

It shouldn’t astonish me as much as it does — or that it happens with the frequency it does the force which people use -- to go out of their way to be pointlessly and anonymously unkind. 

Nov 12

Any baseball stadium that doesn’t sell peanuts and Cracker Jack are either doing it wrong or Canadian. I’d hazard a guess that shitty hot dogs are more of baseball’s common denominator. The Dodger Dog, I hear, costs $170 million. Read more

Nov 9

With all due respect - and remember, I said “with all due respect - unassisted Hershey’s s’mores is for amateurs. So are graham crackers.

Nov 5

Human history long will remember the wheel and fire and moon landings and Hard As Hoof nail strengthening cream as hallmarks of human creation and ingenuity, but bendy straws deserve to be in that conversation. Read more

Oct 12

Not to go all Lifehacker on you, but I was this many years old when I realized that I could wipe out the liquid detergent cups with dirty laundry going into the clothes washer so that the cups didn’t become all gooey and nasty and, thus, wasting precious drops.

Oct 9

Here’s the difference in Florida: A tender resembles a cat turd when it accidentally wedges under a child’s car seat and petrifies all summer long in the heat. A nugget under the same conditions just looks like a desiccated state of Florida. Upon discovery, both smell like grim death.