A wookies lifespan is several standard centuries. So no he would not be grey yet. Read more

I played Counter Strike back in the day. I knew then, there was no way anyone was THAT fast. I mean I was fast but thats impossible. Either it was internet connection speed difference (which well, yeah totally possible) or they were cheating with a hack. Anyways, glad this is finally coming around. Read more

I am... going to have to dig.... XD Read more

I remember this back in the day. It was awesome. I thought the story was great, you really got the whole "farmboy' to hero aspect going from an entirely different perspective. Read more

Thank you for posting those. Fantastic articles. Brought up alot of points I had never thought of, and a basis for comparison. Very nice, great read.

Althought I have found some misnomers and incorrect facts. Anyways. It was last updated supposedly 2004 so XD Read more

Yes indeed, i believe its something like 1.5 enough to still feel enough gforces to feel the movements of the ship. Poor Jek Porkins succumbed to miscalculating his flight path due to always having his intertial dampeners on full. Not realizing his xwing was descending as opposing to ascending in the gravity of the Read more

Hyperdrives are not what you would think. Hyper drives open wormholes into a parallel universe. Which is actually a reasonable solution compared to our current understanding of theoretical physics. Read more

Its all fun and games until someone ruins a rare original painting from a modern deceased artist... Read more

I can honestly say.... thats not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I mean... it could be loads worse, im surprised. Read more

So I wonder if vinyl is still popular there? Read more

I would think robots would need to be programmed for ethics. Regardless Isaac Asimovs The Naked Sun was a great read and is a good example of how especially with a human aspect these three laws will be most difficult to attain and program.

Granted coming up with it, depending on the technology it would be much like Read more

agreed I watched it mostly cause she was in it... and well Sarah Brighton. However I was surprised by how well she did. Read more

Wait... this isnt where I left my stocks.... Read more

Hey you crazy kids get off my lawn! Read more

I agree, I couldn't jump on wind waker or those. It's too cartoony. My kid got a ds so I had to at least try to play spirit tracks but no dice there. Read more

wait was twilight princess the first for you then? Read more

*Sigh* I've put it off for so long. It's sad a tech demo is what makes me want to come home. Read more

Realism? No way! When you have tons of gear and are saddled up for a long ride you stow items away instead of carrying them all with you?! Read more

yes Spielberg is good but I still think the Orson Welles is the master. Read more