First, it was Toyota, and now Ford also has defective airbags. Fuck it, I’ll just take the airbag fuse out of my car at this point. Read more

I was given a newer Toyota Corolla that changed my mind about Toyota’s being tanks. Years earlier, I bought a mid 90s Camry with a v6 and an auto trans. I beat the absolute piss out of it for years until the trans exploded. Seeing that I needed a car, my dad gave me his Corolla, and it’s given me nothing but problems. Read more

1980 Oldsmobile Delta 88 for $475. Needs a master cylinder and due to the lock cylinder being messed up you have to hotwire it.New master cylinder is only $52,  https://www.autozone.com/brakes-and-traction-control/master-cylinder-brake-system/duralast-new-master-cylinder-brake-system-nm1521/49311_0_0  Read more

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Here is a video of that thing in action.

One time he ended up throwing up on command in the middle of testing a myth. In the beer and liquor never sicker episode, he puked immediately after Kari said the test is over when you throw up. Read more

They should keep the Camry and the Ranger, and junk the rest. That era of Camry is next to unkillable, and the Ranger well it’s a good idea to have access to a truck . Read more

Maybe they’re a Battlestar Galactica fan? Read more

It doesn’t surprise me that the cops arrested your parents before they had the full picture. Back in the mid-90s, my grandpa worked on a construction project in Mexico, and he lived on the American side of the border. One day border patrol tore his truck apart looking for drugs just because he gave them an attitude.  Read more

CP for being a GM car from the late 90s. My dad had a 98 Buick lesabre that he scrapped because it fell apart. Read more

I am doing the rear brakes on my corolla. The jack stands and brake service kit I ordered off of Amazon should be here tomorrow. I also need to order a torque wrench and some other odds and ends before I dig into the brakes. Fun fact, if you panic brake a car with drum brakes, you risk putting the brake shoes out of Read more

Well this brings me back in time. My dad had a 1989 Plymouth Voyager when I was 10, and my grandma gave my dad the van, so we would have transportation(public transit in our area was lacking). My dad got rid of it after it blew a head gasket, surprisingly he didn’t use the cash for clunkers program(he got rid of it in Read more

Jesus, this list is bad. Read more

Jesus, this list is bad.

If anyone believes that injecting disinfectants will kill the virus, They should die from their stupidity. When I heard the orange told people to inject disinfectant to kill the virus, I had to do a double-take to make sure I heard him right. Read more

1995 Chinese made a four-door sedan that, for some reason, has a V8 shoved in it called a 946. It has a mid-front-engine configuration. Since it has a V8, it is not advisable to drive the 946 aggressively as having such a big motor hurts it’s handling characteristics. It is a front-wheel-drive car. It is reliable Read more

The guy looks high as a kite in the thumbnail. Read more

Oh boy,not good news at all. Read more

No parts availability :check Read more

As bad as the rust is ,I have seen bigger rust holes.Around 5 years ago I lived in a coastal town and there a toyota pick up of the same era that had a hole in roof big enough for me to unlock it by sticking my hand through the roof. Read more

Hell no I would not buy it for 6k ,that’s more than my current car is worth(2010 corolla),and my car’s in WAY better shape. Read more

Last year I decided to start working on my own vehicle, the two channels I have used are Chris Fix and fuzzy Dice Projects. Read more