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Opposition to the Equality Act: Despite support from almost every segment of the U.S. population and a majority of Republicans, President Trump opposed the Equality Act. In May, the House passed the Equality Act, voting to guarantee critical non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people among other crucial rights. Read more

6/03/21 1:47PM

it would be a nonsense term if any other manufacturer had it previously and so far literally no one else aside from PC had anything and even that relies more on the devs to do it rather than the storefront. Read more

5/26/21 6:08AM

Many years ago I saw a documentary that interviewed a bunch of pedophile’s. At one point one of them said something that always stuck with me, “Priests and scout leaders don’t become pedophile’s, pedophile’s become priests and scout leaders to get closer to their victims.” Read more

5/21/21 9:08PM

My doctor transposed two numbers in my insurance member number on a bill for my yearly exam (definitely covered by insurance). The insurance company (obviously) denied it. When my doctor made me aware of the problem, I gave them my correct member number and they resubmitted the bill. Whereupon, the insurance company Read more

5/03/21 7:56PM

My guess is to build the case that Tim Sweeney understands comparisons and recognizes the items being questioned. It applies in this case because Sweeney was asked if he was aware of how much money his game made on Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo products, and then if he was aware that those store fronts take a 30% Read more

4/30/21 7:41PM

The people against policies like this aren’t wanting to constantly rant about politics like your coworker. What they recognize is that these policies are NEVER enforced equally, and that it’s generally marginalized people, who’s very existence is seen as political by many, are the ones that suffer. Your coworker would Read more

4/21/21 1:26PM

Agree that cop is the endpoint in the series of issues that led to the tragedy here. But UK police disarm knife attackers and manage not to kill them. Also their knife attackers are usually teenagers like Makhia. There was no attempt to use a taser or to separate the girls. A moment taken to de-escalate and attempt to Read more

4/19/21 5:38PM

I used it up until endgame. Once you have to hit timers the entire game changes and it no longer does anywhere near enough damage to go toe to toe with other mods. I currently hate the expedition format. My friends and I made it to world tier 15 prior to finishing the campaign.  We thought we all had solid builds but Read more

4/18/21 11:57PM

It’s not clearly articulated in the article, but early access in this kind of game gives people an unfair advantage in the competitive ladder. It’s not just that they got to play early; they were essentially allowed to start running a race ahead of everyone else.

4/16/21 11:53PM

I mean this seems like a super obscure problem that “no phones whatsoever” is an insanely overbearing solution to deal with. Read more

4/15/21 2:31PM

I’m really sorry. I hope you’re feeling connected to people who love you for who you are, not in spite of it.

4/13/21 5:33PM

Her chemistry with Jason Statham was amazing. The fact that she’s doing more crappy movies with her husband rather than a sequel to Spy is depressing. 

4/13/21 3:50PM

Yeah it was enjoyable. Not everything has to be Endgame levels of excitement. People are too spoiled by the MCU

4/13/21 3:49PM

Like I said, too spoiled by the MCU

4/08/21 12:54PM

You’re missing his point. Speedstersonics is talking about the medium and long term impact this can (and most likely) will have on our society that is BARELY right now dealing with its white supremacy and racism problems. Dealing with problems means finding them first - not removing them from your perception, which is Read more

4/06/21 5:33PM

The “booyah” thing predates TTG. It was his catchphrase in the animated Teen Titans! show from the early ‘00s. A show that had a big following with millennials (who are the target audience) and is the version of Cyborg a lot of people are familiar with. For many its the first and only version of Cyborg they’ve seen.
Sti Read more