8/04/15 9:49PM

That last quote is impenetrable. It’s at once weird, and profoundly stupid.

7/20/15 2:14PM

One morning, shortly after I had been hired full time, one of our editorial fellows, Dan, sent an email to Tommy and me, explaining that he would be a little bate late getting into work because he’d been mugged the night before, and was still sort of getting himself together. Tommy emailed him back, telling him to Read more

7/20/15 2:07PM

Tommy Craggs gave me a second chance. I spent nearly three years writing for a different Gawker site, and I hit a point where I was just done. I couldn’t do it anymore. I was looking elsewhere, and my time at the company was up. I didn’t want to leave though, and in a passing conversation, I told Tommy I felt Read more

7/12/15 10:02PM

Sorry, I don’t buy that teenage girls- in an era when rape wasn’t as clearly defined as it is now- would’ve beat up an older man in a position of power who was capable of destroying their careers and reputations (not to mention capable of sexually assaulting them, too). A more realistic scenario is that they saw what Read more

7/08/15 9:40PM

Dying amid shame and disavowal by everyone is the least he deserves, and I hope he feels every minute of it. Let the ostracism begin.

6/19/15 3:15PM

Mary Poppins was a commie? How many more of the beloved characters of our childhood were filthy commies? We really deserve to know. Baloo? Cinderella? Ariel?

6/19/15 3:15PM

I agree with her. She is a GREAT actress. She doesn’t believe half of the outrageous statements she makes, but knows saying them brings in that sweet, sweet right wing cash.

6/09/15 11:32AM

I have nothing but questions. So many questions...

6/08/15 8:44PM

I really love that everyone’s favorite new flinty-eyed beefy hero is kind of a doofus. <3

6/05/15 1:31AM

Is it ok to be against rape but still think this sucks

6/01/15 2:38PM

This might just be me, but I’m not really reading into what is causing the uproar around this quote. To me, this is saying that it is harder to make female friends than it is to find a man to sleep with. Read more