Aug 4 2017

One does not need a university study for obvious cause and correlation. They are indeed being forced out for the desired higher elevation. Read more

Jul 17 2017

Never even heard of this. But Pervis Anathema should meet Neil Stevenson’s Hiro Protagonist. I bet they wouldn’t get along. 

May 18 2017

I’m picturing the discussions in about five years’ time: “We’ve received a number of complaints that the current Starfleet uniforms are stiff, uncomfortable, and difficult to move in. Some officers have just started wearing their pajamas to the bridge.” “Saaaaay....”

Apr 12 2017

“There Aren’t Way Worse Ways Online Blogs Can Display Pages”

Apr 12 2017

You know what else is too complex for its own good? This INFINITE SCROLL BULLSHIT on all the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gawker sites. Read more

Feb 14 2017

See, here’s the thing. I want to support content, but when I don’t know what that content will be, even from a source I trust, I can’t just throw money at it. If I pay more later, so be it, but at least I have in my mind what or what isn’t my money going towards.

It’s like Capcom and Street Fighter V’s season pass for Read more

Jan 30 2017

So my husband has a green card, though he is not from any of the banned countries. He is supposed to fly home on Wednesday because his father is dying of bladder cancer and this is likely the last time he will be able to see him alive. Currently he is worried that while he is out of the country, the rules will Read more