She is living her true self. That pisses off the people who can’t (or won’t.) Read more

It is so strange to me that some people will be so insistent that the woman in that video use the men’s room. That would be so fucking weird! Read more

“Apparently, Kim Kardashian could leave reality television and be ‘just as happyʼ practicing law full time.” Read more

...which is the point so they’ve succeeded.
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All things considered that’s probably they hope what will attract the audience Read more

It looks like a Batman movie featuring the Flash. Read more

Michael Keaton isn’t playing Thomas Wayne, he’s playing Bruce Wayne from the Tim Burton films Batman and Batman Returns Read more

First-ever oompa loompa? Is he the Jango Fett of oompa loompas? Read more

“But, again, a lot of people have gotten swept up in ‘cancellation’, and I worry about that; it’s unsustainable, in a way,” Ringwald asserts. “Some people have been unfairly canceled and they don’t belong in the same category as somebody like Harvey Weinstein.” Read more

Wow, Scorsese brings his own chair on the subway? Read more

I hear there’s an opening at FOX News...
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They did, but it was Earth-667 Jonathan Majors, not Earth-666.  Read more

You’d think by now studios would be doing background checks on anyone they’re entrusting with a major franchise. Read more

Well, glad he’s out of the closet Read more

Who needs uniforms? Make it a stealth Police Academy reboot - Godzilla is totally the Mahoney! Read more

I will praise that movie: thankfully, the bulk of the movie had them on screen Read more

Lol.  Kylie is one of the most insecure people on the face of the earth.  She proves it every time she opens her cosmetically enhanced facehole.
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...and terribly unwilling to do better.  Read more

Jez is obsessed with the idea that the only reason anyone would date someone like Bill Hader or Pete Davidson is because of their supposed gargantuan wangs. Read more

“Hader, being the tight lipped, big dicked man that he is...” Read more