12:33 PM

Yea, and last year Rian Johnson won a Saturn award for his TLJ screenplay. That completely and utterly invalidates this award and makes any winners extremely suspect. We don’t know if the winners are here because somebody payed the Saturn people enough money, because it is as bad as TLJ, or because it is actually

10:07 AM

Star Trek: Discovery’s second season was a big improvement over the first, but it definitely wasn’t better than The Expanse’s latest effort, so that’s disappointing. It would have also been great to have seen some recognition for Anson Mount, who played a big role in the step-up in quality.

5:15 PM

Deet wasn’t “played” by Nathalie Emmanuel. Emmanuel only did the voice work, and that was done after the filming had been completed. She added her voice to a character that had already been brought to life by puppeteers Beccy Henderson and Katherine Smee.

10:06 PM

Actually, thank you. You just identified something wrong with media lately. That’s a solid list of everything I’ve been disappointed with in the last few decades. I’ve literally NEVER seen anything good from J.J. Abrams. He is poison, and with this blasted worship other people might have made these properties without

8:42 PM

I have literally never seen anything that Abrams was involved with that I would consider “good” or even anything I would consider “mediocre.”  Almost all of it was overproduced crap.  Like habanero diarrhea. I mean sure, it’s got habaneros in it and that’s intense, but it’s still liquid shit.

4:55 PM

Exactly, it was never really about the action. There are other venues for action, but Trek was supposed to be more than just rote action.

4:45 PM

Can we get this writer replaced. This is the 40th anniversary of a masterpiece. At least get somebody that actually cares and respects it for what it is. It’s like ‘Fantasia’ trek style. Putting it back into the theater is for the fans and the cult-followers. Many Star-Trek fans adore this as their very favorite https:

4:35 PM

Even that iconic, beautiful sequence of Kirk and Scotty’s shuttlecraft making its way towards the drydocked Enterprise, full of fan-tingling nostalgia, thematically clashes with the argument that the film spends most of its time engaging Kirk in—that he’s no longer at home aboard it, stiffened and turned irascible by

4:34 PM

I’m really getting tired of this modern internet habit of pissing on this flick...I remember when it came out when I was ten and I begged and begged my parents to take me. We can all agree to disagree in terms of whether we enjoy it or not, fair dues. But when this came out a good deal of my generation adored it

4:21 PM

Say what you want about a lot of the movie, seeing the band get back together, and the refit fly-by alone is worth whatever flaws the rest of it has. The 1701 refit is my absolute favorite of trek ships, and the fly-by is probably my top favorite sequence of any movie ever. It is pure trek nerd porn and I love it. I

4:08 PM

I’ve grown only more fond of the film with age. It’s a flawed gem, but to me, a gem nonetheless. I dearly wish more contemporary movies would take the sort of languorous pace this one does. I mean, I love lots of fast action, too (at least if it’s well-executed), but not every movie needs that, and for this particular

3:21 PM

James, how about stating your opinion as an opinion and not a fact? I’ve always enjoyed ST:TMP despite reservations about some aspects of the production (costuming, sound). You can be bored all you want, but for me it’s one of the few ST productions that capture the wonder and terror of traveling the universe. The

2:59 PM

Is it slow or is it boring? Slow would be my take, but then again when was Star Trek ever fast. The pacing is pretty great and keeps one engaged with the storyline minus the example below.

11:48 PM

Archaeologists of the future will be able to accurately date their finds to the early 21st century by the thick stratum of Funko Pop!s. The orangutan scientists will assume that ancient humans had giant heads and died out because our tiny bodies were incapable of supporting them.

7:01 PM

Sony ,Got lucky with Inter the Spider verse ,it isn’t live action .

3:57 PM

Pretty much. JJ killed mainline Star Wars already. At least to older fans. At this point it doesn’t really matter much to me. Younger fans, who got started now though, maybe it does.

6:24 PM

I watched the entire 1h23min after credit scene and it was glorious. I remember one part in which one of the puppets where hanging in the workshop and for a second I wondered “why is she not moving?” That is kinda telling on how believable the story makes the characters.