The Breakfast Club - No Exit

The struggle with identity can seem very real in high school. The social groups, the pressure from parents and teachers, a lot of weight is put into “being yourself” at a time when you really can’t know who you are. So John Hughes classic starts with our 5 characters entering the library for detention dressed like…

The Witch

The witch is an interesting entity of horror. It’s not like a zombie which is a cipher for a number of things at different times; a witch is a symbol of feminine power. So within the animism of horror the witch helps and hurts its case for being in a horror movie.

GoT: Chron/rev-Chron

In that moment before season 5 of Game of Thrones released I watched the first 4 seasons, but like an idiot I watched them in chronological order. I mean it was helpful and taught me a lot about the show, but I am now going to watch the show in chronological and reverse-chronological order because that seems like a…


Skeleton Warriors

Skeleton Warriors, a short lived cartoon and toyline was possibly the most amazing thing ever and deserves more recognition. Let’s look at what was without a doubt the greatest product of the human race: a cartoon too epic to live and too metal to die. Let’s set the scene with a bit of the first episode.