Mar 11

The author of this “comment” sounds like he had his balls stolen by a girl in a Prius. This read screams “I am a beta Male, hear my big truck!” Why the personal attacks instead of a poignant comment? Just makes you look like a douche, not me. 

Mar 11

What do you mean “some people are worried about emissions”? If you aren’t, you’re clearly not suited for this planet. 

Mar 11

Oh no! I enjoy murdering puppies! Should I have to pay a hefty fine because some people are worried about murdering puppies!? Fuck outta here with this bullshit. If people want to murder puppies then let them murder them. I get it everyone has an opinion but for fucks sake take yours and shove it up your ass.” Read more

Mar 10

Never in my life have I understood why the big truck bros are so threatened by teslas and Priuses and clean air that they feel the need to “roll coal”. Honestly, it’s just awful bully behavior emblematic of pretty much everything wrong with our divided nation right now.

Mar 4

Here's the thing, if Bernie’s ability to inspire people to the polls was electorally decisive shouldn't it be carrying him to victory in the primary?

Feb 21

So much this.   Really speaks to the character of the seller.   As always - buy the seller.

Aug 16 2018

It should be noted that making a blindside tackle of someone is the absolute opposite of defending yourself. Read more

Aug 16 2018

Yeah, how about we keep tabs on what the cops are doing what with the large number of executions they feel like performing in the middle of the street on a nearly daily basis?

Aug 16 2018

See something say something... unless its a cop doing something then he knows better than you, obvi. /s

Aug 16 2018

Didn’t take long for the worst take to be written. Nicely done! 

Mar 9 2012

McNewbie1: with all due respect, spacestationspaz ... I had no idea you had gotten experimental surgery to have your balls removed ...