soy mexicana
10:32 AM

My favorite is they (correctly) hate it when men come on and go #notallmen, but now they’re horribly hurt when we call out people going #notallwhitepeople. The cognitive dissonance is incredible. Jezebel seems like it has a horrible problem with White Feminism.

12:17 PM

This is what white people do, everyday in large and small ways to PoC. They antagonize and antagonize and antagonize you, it gives them a sense of false worth to feel better than. It’s their whole persona, being “better than”. “I may be poor, but at least I ain’t a nigger!” White people are fully aware of the Read more

11:05 PM

I believe most of the people who read The Root are actually white lefties, so I’m not surprised. Since old dude was so ready to defend white feminism (and he double downed on his defense even after I supplied links to the Jez foolishness which I dismissed), that would be the most liked post from an audience who thinks Read more

7:38 AM

And this is just one of the reasons why I do not fault any Black woman, including the current Miss USA, for not identifying with feminism. Over at Jezebel, many of the comments when this murderer was charged were, “How come a white woman can’t murder a Black person? White men do it all the time!” They cared nothing Read more

4:07 PM

You have accused him of being white twice, AFTER he described fleeing Somalia. Go the fuck away now.

3:27 PM

Sure I do. You’ve been using your own impending mortality as an excuse to troll for a while now. I’d think you could come up with a better use of your last days, but a dying asshole is still an asshole.

3:24 PM

You have the entire internet at your finger tips. If you can’t find something better than this, it’s because you WANT this, not because there is NOTHING else going for you. There are literally 1,000,000 other things on the internet you could have going for you.

2:59 PM

This is disappointing. Most trolls are at least coherent. This is some sub-par effort. Have some goddamn self-respect.

2:53 PM

I am 100% certain that you do not care what anyone thinks about you (or at least you make sure to try and make us believe that) but I’m here to tell you that your constant scorched earth chase around the kinja with Hoyo is becoming boring at best and severely derailing at worst.

2:52 PM

You do realize that someone has to agree that they are speaking on behalf of others in order for them to actually be doing that, right? Read more