Apr 5

Really? I mean its ok , but not even the best comedy on Apple( Mythic Quest) never  mind the best comedy on tv ( What we do in the Shadows)

Mar 27

Also noted: Ru got rid of Tina in a questionable elimination right before a challenge that was made for her talent. And kept Utica and Olivia, who — given their respective areas of talent — had almost no chance of doing well. Well, that’s one way to get rid of queens without anyone being able to wag their finger at Read more

Jun 18

I hate the first Cars movie. Compared to other Pixar offerings, Cars seemed to have little heart and nothing new or interesting to say. It was just a movie about a Car who wanted to go fast, but he had a Doc Hollywood-esque mishap that forced him to learn something about himself and befriend forgettable side characters Read more

Feb 10 2020

I think most of the blame for the “Cats” debacle can be placed at the feet of the stage musical itself. It has some great music — “Memory” is a certifiable classic — but it’s built in such a way storywise that it would never be adaptable to screen. The best you could hope to do, which has been done, is drop a camera Read more

Sep 23 2019

Is that the same as “I’ve only heard of Killing Eve because it’s relentlessly mentioned on podcasts” group?

Mar 20 2019

Maybe it’s me but I forget those are Netflix Originals.  I think they could do better with the promotion.  Or at least throw some of it towards their genre shows. 

May 21 2015

I enjoyed the first Death Wish movie (though its been a while since I've seen it) even with its questionable politics. It at least made a token effort to portray its protagonist as anything other than a righteous crusader and was fairly well made. Death Wish II is downright terrible both politically and as a film Read more