That Nintendo direct reminded me of a day in a fiery relationship. Started out with a bad fight(telling me I'd have to pay for games I previously purchased) then we started talking about making up (new Mario, smash bros, Mario kart) then we made up (xeno, new Zelda, fire emblem/shin) finally make up sex (wind waker hd)


1. Deleting Facebook soon(my girl doesnt like it totally understand)so expect to me see me on all the video game site message boards a lot more 2. Been laying with my wiiu a lot lately 3. starting to get into halo 4 4. My video game resolution is to beat final fantasy 7 this year been playing it since 08 a little at…

Finally picked up halo 4 which is a plus since my girlfriend has taken black ops 2 from me thank god for wiiu and her being able to play it in the game pad. Also played "ace of spades" on steam and downloading trine 2 now on wiiu. Ill probably be playing that if I can steal the game pad away from my girl for a while.