You’ll be in ecstasy when all 2030 Toyota/Lexus models are textured, black plastic from nose to tail, except for some glass portholes. Read more

I was going to suggest the Challenger R/T, it’s completely underrated in today’s market.

Back in the day, I used to try to double corner speed signs, with occasional success, in my Bugeye Sprite. Probably the only reason I did not die in the attempt was that the car had a top speed of slightly over 80 mph, so I could not double any sign over 40 mph.
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Look the simple story here is that octane rating is a means to prevent pre-ignition. Any car with OBDII will tell you if you are doing it wrong because it will have knock sensors to detect pre-ignition. The best tuning you can hope for is as much timing advance as you can get before pre-ignition. Thats the point of Read more

I don’t know why Audi is going this route.  Surely they can’t afford to start a supercharging network as broad as Tesla’s.  Just imagine the network they could afford if they worked together with Volkswagen, Ford/Lincoln, Rivian and others.  Perhaps some of them could be company flagships, but they would still need Read more

There will be enough demand for charging across the United States... “ Read more

There’s a lot of useless info here. They just needed to say the plan is for the batteries to charge overnight, in order not to overburden the grid. If it works, great. If not, they’ll try to adapt.  Read more

So Audi aims to have 20 EVs available for sale by 2025 eh? I wonder who the lucky buyers will be. That's a very exclusive club.  Read more

This is the last thing EVs need. Tesla’s exclusive superchargers are bad enough. Read more

Getting a distinct whiff of sage from this article.

It’s not a Jalop, it’s someone who works in the advertising department and according to their twitter, quit yesterday. Read more

So we’re just straight up disguising ads as articles now? Read more

Agreed. Only one I'd be passionate about at all, mostly thanks to Jim. Read more

I too support Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Read more

Man, Jim has been around these parts longer than you have, and always been a good dude to talk to. Why are you always interested in the hate train? Read more

I might be in the minority here but the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was what the heck were they thinking?