Sep 12 2018

Bro, have you even been to Japan? Many times, the elementary students are just as tall (and in some cases, have a chest just as large) as the adult women. Japanese women naturally look young, it only seems weird to you because you’re used of there being a much clearer line between a teen and an adult in your country.

Sep 11 2018

What is exactly is teen looking about the top pic? All I see is 2 big breasted anime chicks. Do they all need to look like your tutorial to not be an anime teen?

Sep 11 2018

Hmm, maybe it’s just an issue of familiarity.  I’ve watched anime on and off since the late 80's.  Those don’t register to my eye as “12 year olds” - anime 12yo look younger than that.  (of course, overall style has shifted over the decades.  I liked the 80's/90's stuff a bit more.)

Aug 15 2018

To the extent that “Obama era regulations” directed ICE to not enforce the law, that doesn’t change the law. These are people who were ordered deported, or were deported and then illegally reentered, or are criminals (above and beyond their immigration crimes). They are subject to deportation - which is what ICE Read more

Aug 15 2018

“already been ordered for deportation, had re-entered the country illegally or were considered “an egregious criminal alien.” Read more

Jul 6 2018

It’s a neatly packaged story, but not really useful or true. Breaking down the stats there are about 2,000 homicides with a gun in a year that are “random”, which would be similar to the kinds of homicides in the most commonly compared countries. The majority of homicides are directly linked to criminal activity, and Read more

Mar 27 2018

Male feminists are literally the worst cancer in the world. Women aren’t going to spread their legs because you put on an act.

Mar 21 2018

Sorry, you lib kiddos are the one’s that are all safe spacey, but to answer your question no, I don’t live in a shit country so it doesn’t bother me. Luckily Social Justice Terrorists aren’t taken too seriously here. :D

Mar 21 2018

Even if you focus on the “gas the Jews” language, Meechan was talking to a dog, not relaying an order to people he knew to be in charge of actual gas chambers containing actual Jews, or ready and able to prepare those conditions for execution. Any system that can lay claim to genuinely protect expression will Read more

Mar 21 2018

If you are offended by a pug giving a Nazi salute, you truly are an absolute fucking idiot.

Mar 21 2018

I would contend that convicting someone for a joke is more Nazi-like than a dog that gives Hitler salutes.

Mar 21 2018

He told the court that his family members died in the Holocaust and he could not see how it could be made into a joke.