Aug 29

If you’re going to include a band who doesn’t show up from Last House on the Left, you should include the Ain’t Rights from Green Room, an arguably better-if not as influential-horror movie. Read more

Aug 28

They should be Running up That Hill to go give her a Power Suit

Aug 28

Everyone thinks This is Spinal Tap! was the original, but Eric Idle did it first:

Aug 28

I have a recommendation for one of the worst fictional bands. Rod Torfulson’s Armada featuring Herman Menderchuk.

Aug 27

I’ve read your whole review and I still don’t understand why something like this even exists.   Who actually uses this on a daily basis?   It doesn’t seem like it’s a particularly good e-reader, and using e-ink to take notes seems like a solution in need of a problem.

Aug 18

The idea is to never actually log into facebook with that account, it’s just a (fake) name and non-primary email tied to a forced Oculus account. The only “info” they get is what you buy on Oculus, which they already have anyway. I haven’t posted to my facebook account in 5 years and it has no idea what to serve me. Read more

Aug 18

I mean, I want to be outraged - but how is this different than what Microsoft, Apple, Google, or Sony do?
Read more

Jul 20

Alta Vista all the way. I built my first website in 1995 and the first search engine I’d submit to was AV. When Google came around I refused (for unremembered reasons) to use the site and instead stuck with AV. 

Jun 22

This is such a great screencap that I almost feel bad mentioning that Pom Poko isn’t a Miyazaki film.

Jun 22

Besides underrated Miyazaki films, I think there’s need to be a discussion on how understated Isao Takahata

Jun 12

You are drastically reducing the effects that social distancing and face masks can have on transmission with absolutely no support. Read more

Mar 6

By the Emperor’s black Bones, give it a rest. For the 99% of the audience who has watched the movies but who don’t read the comics, it was probably a sweet moment. Read more

Mar 5

This is a very similar device to Arthur Ganson’s Machine with Concrete, exhibited in the MIT Museum for over a decade: