Nov 26

All bad suggestions. Someone straight out of college with reliable transportation shouldn’t be buying ANYTHING. How about paying down those college loans and investing into tax deferred retirement funds. Read more

Aug 27

1st Gear.... I guess I gotta eat my words from yesterday. This has to be the first post (at least part of a post) that isn’t entirely negative from Erik that I can remember in a long time. Thank you! It gets so dreary continually reading blanket, negative, throw the baby out with the bathwater, type posts. Hopefully Read more

Jun 1

The higher end Lexus are legit luxury cars.

Mar 11

I know you hate the guy a lot, but a third interpretation could be he is repeating some things that have been said in various Democrat rallys and one vague statement taking credit for any new car factories in Michigan. Read more

Feb 5

The much-hyped Space Force was officially created by President Donald Trump as the sixth branch of the U.S. military back in December” Read more

Jan 2 2020

Is there a part of the world where first class seats are sometimes empty? I live in Chicago and travel frequently for work and have literally never seen this. Any first class seats that don’t get sold will go to one of the dozens of people on the upgrade list. Read more

Dec 13 2019

It’s got more space than the CX-30 and is dynamically superior to the CX-5. Is it the Goldilocks option of the Mazda lineup? Read more

Dec 2 2019

Good catch.  Yes, this is crack pipe for an S.

Nov 27 2019

I don’t agree with Clarkson hating on Greta, but I think his message is valid. Why should we sit around and argue about how we are going to die and when we are going to die, instead of focusing on how to fix these issues? Read more

Nov 19 2019

LoL way to gloss over the other comment about the IIHS.

And yes, good idea, call us all fucking just keep digging that hole buddy.

(I wonder how much more pissed off I can make this guy?)

Nov 19 2019

Oh ya, IIHS good source...the group who represents companies who profit off of people getting tickets.

Also, I have way more stars on my posts than you, clearly people agree with me.

Nov 19 2019

Change a limit by 10mph and the actual travel speeds might increase’s been shown through dozens and dozens of studies that people travel at a speed that feels safe to drive which is why setting the limit at the 85th percentile makes sense, it’s the generally safe speed and not at some arbitrary limit. But Read more

Nov 19 2019

Wrong. Higher SPEED in crashes yes, but it’s not the LIMITs themselves. And a limit set to minimize crashes (aka 85th percentile) is the best safe speed.

Nov 6 2019

Followup: and I assume the “author” of this garbage is consistant in their nonsense logic: So you must also be anti seat belts and anti motorcycle helmets too? Jesus. Read more

Nov 6 2019

This is by far the worst jalopnik article I’ve ever read. The “rape” analogy is a fucking bridge too far and you should be ashamed of yourself. Read more

Nov 6 2019

Well shit, we might as well get rid of airbags, seat belts, helmets on motorcycles, crumple zones, and pretty much every other safety feature out there....this is such a horrible take it should be retracted and you should be professionally embarrassed about posting something so outright wrong. Helmets save lives, Read more

Oct 31 2019

I think there’s been a perception that the Tesla Model S is a luxury car in the same sense that a BMW or Mercedes is. It’s never been anything more than the Camry/Accord of EVs, so the Taykan being a lot nicer isn’t surprising. Read more