1/13/21 11:24AM

We named our found/adopted kitten Sergio, in his honor.

4/26/20 2:28PM

wait till you find out about our free healthcare and maternity leave

4/10/20 7:53PM

There are a variety of reasons CA gas is more expensive and likely always will be. The formulation is different (which restricts the supply chain), our taxes are the highest in the nation (by design, to disincentivize driving), and the state cap-and-trade program adds additional costs. And because California gas is Read more

4/10/20 7:14PM

Now is a great time for a long drive from point A to point A.

8/11/19 11:45AM

Yeah. Exactly. They knew EARLY about the rapid progression-forward-of-center-of-lift-upon-pitch. That should have been a deal-breaker in the first project stages... Instead, enabled by managers-intent-on-production-over-safety, they pushed forward with a brain-dead “control system” that isn’t a control system. Read more

5/24/19 11:40AM

I don’t read a lot of racing news, but whenever it involves Kimi, I do. He’s just an interesting person. I think it’s kinda cool that he doesn’t care about milestones or achievements or anything like that, he just wants to race. 

5/07/19 4:04PM

I modestly propose that Jalopnik’s overlords find the bucks to purchase this business and then let the Jalopnik staff operate it. Hell. rename the brand Jalopnik - it fits the whole Eastern European vibe, anyway.

2/10/19 1:39PM

Do you really think that the cost of the drivers test will offset the cost of the infrastructure and staff needed to give the test? The DMV is not funded through the fees paid for licenses, it is either funded through vehicle registration taxes/fees, through the general fund or both. Here in California the fee is $36, Read more

2/10/19 11:52AM

On the contrarian side, my 93 year old Dad drives his LaCross on a daily basis with no trouble whatsoever. On a recent visit, he demonstrated to me that he was competent and able to control the car as well or better than many younger drivers out there.

7/27/18 9:40AM

As far as I’m concerned this is the best “coast to coast race” movie. It wasn’t overrun with celebrity cameos and had cars that were actually cool. There wasn’t much in the way of a real plot, but at least the movie wasn’t trying too hard to have one in the first place. It’s refreshing to find a movie where there can Read more

7/01/18 2:39PM

I think Honda is going through an identity crisis. The Japanese auto industry in general, but especially Honda. Read more

7/01/18 5:46AM

Luckily the new one will be available for years to come, in the free world.