Dec 7 2015

Hmm.. I haven’t been keeping up on the spoilers other than reading these posts. I wonder if Finn will end up dying against Ren and Rey will take over a la Phantom Menace...? I hope I’m wrong and Finn is already slated to be in the next one..

May 15 2015

When I was at a Real Potosi (Potosi, Bolivia) home game back in 2009 that is exactly how the other team exited. We were sitting by their exit and were wondering why everyone was starting to crowd us. Then that police shielded tunnel formed and then everyone around just start chucking stuff as the opposing team left.

Jan 7 2015

I had these too as a child, my favorite one was "Spiney." I think my parent's may still have them, they've moved recently so I don't know what they still have.

Nov 14 2014

I had a Dash 1.0 and then went to their 3.0 saffiano version. I love it and would get another if every needed.

Sep 25 2014

I had Intruders queued up on my DVR ever since it started.. but between keeping our 18 month son entertained and the new fall TV season starting. I don't think I will ever have the time and just this past weekend I deleted them. I did this with Orphan Black last year.. Maybe that one day when my son can Read more

Sep 23 2014

I remember going to a bazaar and there was a table selling bears made of sea otter fur and the little girl sitting there with her mother tried her best to sell it to us. She ruffled up the head and said, "Look it's now an Ewok!" Looking back, I wish we did get one. The $300+ price was steep, but I know my son Read more