3:43 PM

Yes, thank you. This exact same thing happened to me, except I was so drunk I couldn’t fight back physically, the whispered “No No No”s that escaped my mouth didn’t stop him, and he raped me. Read more

8:58 PM

When shit hits the fan and he finally falls, I hope it’s just so deeply humiliating, so totally devastating to his ego and his psyche, that he never recovers. I don’t want us to hate him, I want us to forget him. I want us to erase him. That would be the best and most fitting punishment for inflicting himself on the Read more

8:37 PM

None of you fools recognize a good ol’ fashion Covfefe when you seen one?

11:28 AM

My standard response (or at least I hope my standard response if ever in this situation) is “What you call ‘political correctness’ I call ‘treating people with basic human decency’.” Read more

11:16 AM

Whenever anyone starts with me on that “political correctness” foolishness, I just call them a racist and watch how, all of the sudden, words hurt lol

4:07 PM

Since these statues are supposedly about history... how about we just erected another statue, next to existing statue, of a black union shoulder with a bayonet pointed at the original statue, and change the positions of the arms of the original statue into one of surrender, possibly holding a white flag?

3:34 PM

You’re assuming they’re not as inept as their ancestors…

10:30 AM

In short, the world is full of dangerous people that want to hurt POC physically and economically. Meanwhile, our white allies are in their feelings about it all, so it’s annoying people of color. Got it. So now that that’s out the way, when are we going to move past think-pieces and memes about white privilege and Read more

11:48 AM

Sorry, but as an old I’ve heard his rant or versions of it all my working life. Women are more emotional. Not cut out for the rigors of tech life. Have too many family obligations and all the attached baggage. What if Hillary has her period and starts a nuclear war????!!11! You got a slot in engineering in uni Read more

12:09 PM

Don’t forget: Dick Cheney still consumes valuable oxygen. That should make an atheist out of anybody.

12:46 AM

That's very true - a lot of female gamers don't often feel comfortable with talking about the marginalization we experience because of the responses we get in everyday life, which also contributes to the issue we face in terms of a large number of male gamers (and even non-gaming females, interestingly enough) Read more

3:20 PM

You're response at least warranted me to read (I really hate when people start out with "dude"and things of that nature in responses) and you do brought up some other good points that haven't been discussed yet. I also thank you for taking your time to read my points, and his too.

2:57 PM

As a female gamer, can I just start off by saying that yes, you have said some things which are offensive to me, though no one person can speak for an entire community. Both you and mangaengel have very good points, but please allow me to provide some insight into this topic, because there are some key points that are Read more