Feb 21

The fact is that America has criminalized being poor. And with America having a for-profit justice/prison system and the fact that the country is steadily sliding into being a 3rd world county, this is obviously a bad thing. Welcome to American Late Stage Capitalism.

Jan 1

I feel this in my bones. The worst exposure I’ve had so far was from a patient who is a nurse and fellow hospital employee. She spent nearly an hour with me in a small exam room, knowing she had symptoms. We don’t have enough N95s for routine use so I was only wearing a level 3. When she tested positive 2 days later, Read more

Dec 14

In the medical field in the Midwest US, medic is used exclusively to refer to paramedics, the ambulance workers. They are important, no doubt, but they aren’t medical doctors. Physician is the alternate term for a medical doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO).

Oct 30

As is de rigour with just about every Spielberg film, if he were to excise the last ten minutes, it’d be perfect. But no... He has to get the schmaltz in. Read more

Oct 11

That scene... Matt Bomer could sing me just about any song - the ABCs, “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “The Ballad of the Green Berets” - as long as he sang it like he does in that scene, I’d fucking melt.

Sep 24

All of the suggestions are bad and the people who made them should feel bad for suggesting them.

Sep 13

Chris Evans has been really open about his struggles with anxiety and I just honestly felt bad for him. It was a fuck-up anyone could have made, and I found it genuinely sweet that so many people started flooding Twitter with pictures of him and his dog to drown out the earlier tweets.

Sep 10

To this day, when I find someone exasperating, I sigh to myself “And I don’t know why his bow ties are always crooked.” Lady Holiday forever! Read more

Sep 4

The rear’s giving me huge XJ220 vibes with that faux-taillight-cage look and I dig it.

Sep 4

I feel like Being There did that concept a bit better though. Mainly because the there isn’t really a Jenny analog.

Aug 17

Last month my awesome wife let me splurge on the UCS Lego Millennium Falcon for my son and I to build together. Out of 7,541 pieces, there was only one was couldn’t find. It’s a pretty common Lego piece, so we just swiped one off something else in the big pile in his room and moved on. After we were done, I found Read more

Aug 17

I have a teenager, who granted is no longer 14, but yes? I think so? There is some quite obvious sex, but it’s not gratuitous. There are bad words, obviously, but nothing they (sadly, in some cases) haven’t heard before. Read more

Aug 4

I’m not a Twinkie fan, and I’m not a huge fan of fried carnival food (my apologies to the author of the home carnival taste test article). Read more

Jul 10

Same, but also when I see others make the same mistake. If they’re younger than 30 it’s a 50/50 toss up as to whether they get it.

Jul 10

I was so high on endorphins the minutes after getting my PhD, when I left the stairwell to go into another building, I pushed on the pull door and slammed my head into the window. This cartoon flashed into my starry head. Most humbling moment of my life.

Jun 16

Eh. If anything, the truck chase was a bit too ridiculous, and a bridge too far for my liking. All they needed was to literally jump over a shark in that slow motion crash to complete the message. It’s my least favorite part in a movie that I actually find to be the most enjoyable of Pixar’s sequels.