i said so
May 29

I guess Emporer’s New Groove doesn’t rate? Not that the songs are that great, but still....Eartha Kitt and that Sting song at least merit some attention.

May 14

I guess Supergirl goes on hiatus for the whole season due to Melissa Benoist’s pregnancy and maternity leave. Kind of a shame they don’t acknowledge it..

May 31 2019

I bought these and loved them for about 6 months. Almost to the day, the volume dropped and became impossible to hear despite full battery charging and firmware updates. They simply don't last, and Jabra customer service was useless. Extremely disappointing for someone who wants something to last for at least a year.

May 11 2018

My only bad feeling is that this should have been Lando, not Solo. He’s way more mysterious and, frankly, we could use a Star Wars movie about a suave lead rather than the upstarts we know and love.

Oct 2 2017

if you’re going to mess with a camp masterpiece, then at least bring on some real personality. octavia spencer, regina king & nia long.

Mar 10 2015

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin: one of the best world building novels I've ever read, and a rather surprising ending that subverted so many genre expectations. And her follow-up novels just took off in new and inventive ways, expanding on the world building she did. I get tingles sometimes talking Read more