Jan 13

I would very much like to applaud Gigi Hadid for not trying to escape jury duty; one of the most important privileges we hold as Americans. And I mean that. 

Jan 10

Michael Phelps competes in an open category. Anyone in the world is free to challenge him. Read more

Jan 10

To everyone saying that we shouldn’t regulate this with laws, we did! Title 9. And it opened up massive opportunities for girls and women, because scholarships and titles were now available to high schoolers. For us older women, we saw it unfold! The republicans are douchebags and are not on our side. But many of us Read more

Jan 10

People complain about the right denying science, but it seems to me the left is every bit as willing to ignore the science if the science isn’t politically correct.

Jan 9

There are so many interesting points being made here and I wonder if the solution is to do away with girls teams and boys teams altogether in favor of something like coed Green Team and Yellow Team. For instance, certain benchmarks have to be made during tryouts to qualify for Green Team and different benchmarks have Read more

Jan 9

“she didn’t cite her sources therefore she must be lying!”
Yknow google is very easy to use.
Read more

Jan 9

Agree. There’s nuance here that is reflexively overlooked in favor of lumping together those with different opinions into one big group and calling them bigots. Read more

Jan 9

I’m no right-winger, but I think this is a much more complex issue than has been perpetuated. Conservatives aren’t the only ones protesting this issue, though their (underlying, prejudicial) reasoning is certainly unique. Read more

Oct 24

Not only that, they each have days if not weeks to prepare, with their full staff, five minutes of material. Conversely, he’s expected to respond on the spot for several hours across a wide variety of topics that may only be tangentially related to his company, and if he doesn’t know the answers or gives a bad response Read more

Oct 24

I’ve seen a whole bunch of folks sharing AOC’s questions of him on social media claiming that she’s really sticking it to him, but it’s always nonsense like what you’re describing. One person I know was pointing out how ridiculous it was that he didn’t know the exact date that in interaction happened when AOC asked Read more

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Oct 24

Wait a sec, I’m a little unfamiliar with who the woman in pink is, but she seems like a buffoon. She asks him a seriously dumb question, he starts to answer saying his time would be better spent doing something else other than being a content monitor (that’s true, he’s vastly overqualified, and literally no CEO in the Read more

Oct 7 2019

If they had Ashanti lay down a phrase as a place holder in order to get the rest of the composition in place until J. Lo was able to lay her vocals down, it makes sense. Read more

Sep 19 2019

Amazing how raping an underage girl wasn’t enough to ruin him, but helping to put away his fellow criminals, there’s the line he crossed

Sep 16 2019

Exactly, to be fair, noone would ask a famous white actor what its like to be a famous white actor: Read more

Sep 16 2019

No one asks Tombo because the answer is “easy.” It’s a relevant question for every group that is underrepresented in Hollywood. It also gets asked of every gay actor, and every actress “of a certain age” that is not Meryl, etc. Asking the questions brings attention to the continued lack of diversity in Hollywood, in Read more