May 1 2017

These always confuse me, because in a dirt poor area like flint, if the vehicle is good enough to drive, doesn’t that make it infinitely more valuable as rust kills everything quickly? Or is that just a Boston thing?

Feb 16 2017

Who hates their kids/other people this much? Terrible requirements are terrible

Feb 14 2017

So with less than 2,000 miles on my brand new jeep I did this....

Feb 1 2017

If you think cars run redlights as often as cyclists, I have a bridge in NYC I’d like you sell you

Sep 29 2016

What competition? The manufacturers sell the cars to the dealership, who then mark up the prices to sell to consumers. The only “competition” when when dealerships have to try to liquidate crappy assets. We as consumers would be better off with the manufacturers competing with us directly, and not having to pay a Read more

Sep 22 2016

From the audio that seems to be the case. But then like, why pass it? It’s like pick one or the other!

Sep 22 2016

We’re not going to rail on the filmer for sitting in the left lane, clearly getting passed on the right and not moving over? What has become of Jalopnik?

Sep 7 2016

Neutral: I can’t believe Cadillac doesn’t make it’s dealers tour the competition and buy a car from to see how it feels to be treated like a human. Go to any you don’t even have to go to Porsche, just walk into any BMW, Audi, or Merc dealership and you just immediately see a difference. I was shocked when I bought my Read more

May 24 2016

Trucar’s customer is the dealerships, not the consumer. Take that as you will

Apr 28 2016

One thing when looking at that price point is not all warranties are equal. I bought a brand new ‘15 focus ST, while my wife got herself a ‘13 1-series. Our warranties will run up at the same time, but she gets free maintenance as well! Makes her car the much better deal than mine, and it being used doesn’t put Read more

Feb 10 2016

Is Aston the first manufacturer to see what you were up to and reach out to the dealership? How did you find out? Is there a fun story behind that?

Feb 8 2016

You don’t see the difference in shifters? One has a park button and an LED indicating the gear you’re in on the shifter..... the other doesn’t.

Jan 8 2016

Without reading, I assume the answer is “Don’t”

Dec 9 2015

First gen viper. I would love to hear about a high maintenance car that is trying its best to murder you.

Oct 26 2015

I dont get the constant “lets just close our eyes and hope the rates don’t go up” comments when it comes to loans. The prime rate won’t suddenly double overnight. We’re not some third world country with an unstable economy. There will be a calculated increase. You will know when rates go up, and it won’t be double, it Read more

Oct 13 2015

hahaha “Are there speed limits”. welcome to ‘mercuh guy