Nope, sorry. After you defend Gawker Media’s outing of a random gay man, you don't get to claim the moral high ground anywhere, Natasha. Read more

Can’t help but notice that ALL the comments about that shit-Gawker post were flat out DELETED over on the Unwed Mothers story a bit further down the page. I’M SURE IT WAS ONLY BECAUSE THEY WERE UNRELATED, YUP, THAT’S THE REASON. Read more

But, but the target was a person of “power.” Read more

THIS. Natasha....dear...fuck yourself. Read more

“outing a philaderer” is a hell of a euphemism for collaborating with a blackmailing grifter to destroy someone’s life for no reason but clicks. The obvious hypocrisy is that Gawker now feels an ethical obligation to protect the identities of the victims and not publish stolen nude videos, a policy it apparently Read more

You’re a fucking joke, Natasha. Read more

Note: While there is a slight difference between this piece and the Gawker piece - in that the man being written about here did not contact Jezebel first to extort anyone, and he has [allegedly lololol] been doing illegal things, there is still SO MUCH HYPOCRISY here, and especially from you, Natasha, that all of the Read more

Redacting names to protect people during potential investigations and legal litigation that there is no confirmation of here... Read more

You’re not taking his side? I thought you were all for invasion of privacy. Read more

It’s pretty impressive how she’s tanked her entire career in one tweet. It’s not like the sort of people who read her work have short memories. Read more

“...we are protecting their identities while they pursue legal action” Read more

Serious question for Natasha: if Roy had contacted you with these pictures and told you that he was attempting to blackmail one of the women but they wouldn’t pay him, would you have published his pictures of the woman in question and kept his identity secret? Read more

We've seen your Twitter Natasha. You have no issues protecting people who sexually prey on others. Read more

Natasha, you just wrote that: “Stories don’t need an upside. Not everyone has to feel good about the truth. If it’s true, you publish.” However, this story involves a plea of “no contest,” thereby rendering these ALLEGATIONS unproven. Your headline implies that all of these accusations have been proven in a court of Read more

Kindly go fuck yourself Natasha. You are as much of a shit stain as the asshole you are writing about. Read more

Shouldn't you be helping Roy blackmail the women? Read more

You all should help with the blackmail. Read more

He should have filmed the executives of Gawker’s competitors. Read more

There ought to be a picture of you right next to the dictionary definition of hypocrisy. You’re the human personification of Feminism Lite. Read more

Jezebel spoke to two of the women who were secretly filmed by Roy; we are protecting their identities while they pursue legal action. Read more