Anyone else notice who was in the background watching this? Robert’s team owner, Sam Schmidt, who himself is a quadriplegic following an IndyCar testing crash in early 2000. Read more

Great to see Sam Schmidt there with him as well. Read more

What about cars of THIS caliber?:

It’s engagement/involvement. It’s a physical connection to the machine in a world where more and more we’re only asking the computers that are driving our cars to turn, go or stop. It’s actual control, not the illusion of control. I’ve dailyed a manual for 25 years and just bought another one. I don’t see that Read more

Not this again. Pro tip: stay off the internet (and off social media) if you don’t want a sports result spoiled. Read more

As someone who suffered through most of this sorry race, I’d offer that Jalopnik provided a public service.
Read more

Miguel qualifies for the O-1 visa.  Miguel sure as hell is more qualified than Melania. Read more

As someone who hasn’t slept in a week because of assholes lighting fireworks off since June 30th until 4am: Good. Read more

You got that racist word. Apparently Ferrucci and his father were speaking in demeaning fake Indian accents to Arjun Maini and his brother who is an F3 driver all weekend. This kid is done. Read more

This “Haas” to be the first time a driver was hit with that penalty. Read more

Prolly saved the driver’s life. If he couldn’t make it TO the mountain, odds are he couldn’t make it UP the mountain either. Read more

I fixed it.

What “damn good reason” would present to a parent to try and convince them to watch their child burn to death from a safe distance? Would you watch a complete stranger burn to death because rule 46b said not to cross the white line? Read more

I followed all your instructions but the car in the background still came out grainy. Any suggestions?

But the track deserves so much worse Read more