Oct 14 2019

My dudes, you have killed Splinter, you laid off a bunch of cool journalists, I have even stuck with you through your auto-play video ads that kill my YouTube video playing in the background, but if you don’t stop these ads that auto-forward my ipad to some “install flash player now!” website with no back button so I Read more

Oct 8 2019

I’m not surprised that they built it (raised tracks are drastically cheaper than underground ones), and I’m not surprised that they stopped using it (elevated tracks are ungodly noisy, and an eyesore for everyone walking underneath them), but........... why didn’t they actually, you know, finish taking it down??? Read more

Oct 8 2019

Ask anyone that lives under/near an above-ground train, NOBODY wants that line back (not saying that they would). You would think a person who lived all of their life in New York in the same damn house would be used to the sheer loudness and thundering iron-clanking of the trains above flying at 35mph between 2 stops Read more

Oct 7 2019

Hmm - doing the real-world math I think the more efficient gas turbine helicopters and big SUVs burn about as much fuel. Say as in your example the chopper burns 3 gallons per one-way trip. Read more

Oct 6 2019

I’m bouta slap some tariffs on this site with the amount of bandwidth these ads take. its like my browser window has parkinsons when loading.

Oct 1 2019

You’re grey in a thread/article if they dismissed your comment, which either means you were a dick, or they dismiss valid comments, which happens. 

Oct 1 2019

Gotta say, that bank is on point with the potential frauds. Hearing “Fan requires $724 worth of beer to get through Dolphins game” sounds uncannily plausible.

Sep 30 2019

I am not sure that it was so much the Honda engines were not good, but more to do with how McLaren packaged the motors in the car. Red Bull made the switch to Honda and has not had nearly the same level of reliability problems and lack of power that McLaren had.

Sep 30 2019

Yeah, but after 20 years of automotive technology innovation, you’d think we’d get more than 5 hp.

Sep 29 2019

Bridenstine needs a punch in the face. That comment of his mirrors the usual “Muh Earth Problemz” bullshit that NASA usually hears. SpaceX is more than capable of competently working on more than one project at once.

Sep 28 2019

Umm. Not blowing my eyeballs out when using my phone at night is by FAR the most valuable reason. And barely even mentioned here. It’s the most practical application by far, and absolutely legit. Must we shit on everything?

Jul 19 2019

I do hope you realize this car is news worthy and thus on a news site.