Evil Lincoln

The North (i.e. England) will never forget  Read more

Don’t make Taylor Swift write (another) song about you, asshole Read more

I wonder if the show is going to more directly address Bear and Jackie seeming to be falling into being a couple & yet barely being able to talk to each other directly about it Read more

I actually interpreted the ending as Elora unambiguously embracing her new family by promising to visit regularly. I don’t think she would make a promise lightly to those kids who are missing their mom and need an auntie/ sister in their life. Read more

Willie Jack’s expressions consistently make me laugh Read more

If I could give anyone involved with the show this season an Emmy it would be Pauline Alexis (Willie Jack). But Devery Jacobs is also very deserving as are many other people involved with the show. Read more

Dylan Gelula and Dylan Baker? The Dylans!  Read more

The show’s version of Jerry West was my favorite character, this haunted, tragic figure, but also really hilarious because of his maniacal intensity. To me how much the real Jerry West hates the show’s portrayal of him shows that they captured something real about him albeit in a cartoonish way Read more

It has to be regarded as a success for the show that it made me, who rooted for the Celtics in the 80s and hated the Lakers, pull for the Lakers in the 84 final that I knew they were going to lose, and disdain the Celtics as craven thugs  Read more

Technically accurate, but still I think a questionable storytelling choice  Read more

The way this episode played when they said in the epilogue that Bird and Magic talked on the phone after Magic got his HIV diagnosis you would assume that Bird called to taunt him. “You’re going to die m****** f******” Read more

Bummer the series ends at the absolute low point of the decade for the Lakers, before Lakers-Celtics even became a rivalry, since as Pat Riley said in the last episode it isn’t really a rivalry if the Lakers have never beat them. Read more

Harley Quinn kind of shirks the hero label though despite flirting with it Read more

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Fusco attributes his redemption arc to his partner, Carter

I never really warmed to Donnie until he started having scenes with Helena  Read more

Krystal was so much more interesting than she initially seemed to be Read more

I think she really enjoyed playing Krystal, who started out as an on-set joke? Apparently hands down the favorite clone on set was Cosima, who was super-fun to be around  Read more

Good lord she was fantastic. On the forums we used to joke about how the actresses playing the different clone sisters probably didn’t get along, especially Allison and Helena Read more