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10:58 AM

My last two weeks was brutal. I ended up taking a few days of vacation at the end for myself instead of getting them paid out. It was nice to relax and provide some time to mentally recuse myself from my old job, reflect, and prepare. I started full time two days after graduating, regretted that after a bit, and Read more

6:09 AM

There were a few like that In FM4 too that you couldn’t own but would come on the auction house by people who obtained them somehow, albeit very rarely. I know one was the STi S204, and the Mazda RX7 spirit R. I think the top secret Supra/s15 Silvia were in that boat too.

12:13 PM

It’s not required, but FoST engines are already at risk for LSPI (low speed pre ignition) in certain conditions. Running 87 will only exacerbate that issue. Premium is $.60 extra a gallon where I live. I usually only need to fill up $20-$25 a week in my FoST. At 2.75 vs. 3.35, I’m getting about a gallon and a half less Read more

4:16 PM

Oddly enough since I only ever have driven small manual cars, probably a Ridgeline. I plan on keeping my FoST but I need something to carry/tow bikes, motorcycles, camping/hiking gear, yard stuff, and still be comfortable too. Can’t buy new GM due to my upbringing (grew up with a bunch of them and they all had Read more

3:30 PM

Meh, what is immature anyway? My job is serious and my decisions can potentially affect thousands/millions of lives inadvertently. I try not to take too much seriously outside of my job (within reason, obviously)

10:27 AM

I’d recommend realigning the front end. It’s not too hard, I dropped my street triple (kickstand slipped) and ended up buying stands and some tools to do it. When I loosened everything up the left fork creaked because it was out of alignment. Bike is perfectly fine now. 

8:47 PM

My bike is stored In my garage at night, parked in a lot at work covered by gates and security, and in eyesight at the front door At the gym. However, any other time I still get paranoid when I park.