Winston Smith
May 3

I said “garbage human.”  Hence “Kardashian” is redundant.

Apr 29

Having spent a decent amount of time in “Metal Gear Solid” fan communities, there are way too many people who idolize the memes and iconography and slick weapons-fetish presentation of the series without actually understanding what the point of the story is. Read more

Apr 20

As an unapologetic Dash Rendar fan, I very welcome this news with my open arms that are protruding out of my shirt with giant shoulder pads.

Apr 3

The prosecution did succeed in using Ploeger’s testimony to adequately display Chauvin’s use of force was unnecessary, which is helpful. But I think calling out that it was rooted in blatant contempt and malice; no matter how obvious it is to literally everyone, by his facial expression, body language, and actions in Read more

Mar 25

Well Archers done.  I cannot imagine the series without Walters, it would cease to be.  They won't recast the role, nor should they.  If they were wise, one more season and done.  Sad to see her go, she never failed to put a smile on my face even in the worst of times.

Mar 16

I hope we also learn that he was forced to get the new Wakandan arm because Rocket stole and pawned the old model.

Mar 9

I’ll never understand how America managed to be ahead of the curve on rejecting Piers Morgan, but still ended up electing Trump. 

Mar 9

Brexit voters who like to get outraged at that pesky political correctness that says stuff like “Hey, maybe Rule Britannia isn’t great as a modern theme” Read more

Mar 3

That’s kind of Wanda’s whole character arc in the comics too though... sooooo... not much hope there, sorry.
I mean look at white vision coming into the hex now. No good things are lined up for wanda there.
That’s not to say that we wont see wiccan and speed again, but not without Wanda getting her heart torn out Read more

Feb 18

Republicans like to pretend that government can’t get anything right and that public industry inherently does things better. Even if they have to sit on the scale to make their case.

Feb 16

It’s a side effect of failing upwards through connections to the inbred aristocracy. Every empire goes through this right before their collapse.