And sometimes none. Kinja has quite fickle mood swings  Read more

R35 GTR was billed as a super car killer for cheap (relatively speaking). I think it lived up to the hype. Read more

My old man had a bright red Ford Probe GT. Most impressive thing about that 2.5V6 was that it could do all 140 on the dash even with the automatic. It was also the first wheel I got behind in a parking lot when my old man felt it was time I learn how to drive. This car was supposed to be passed down to me right up Read more

Still too subtle. This on the other hand...

Issue is Hondas Rev so high that 3500rpm is equal to 2200 in other get cars. The old GSR transmission begged for a sixth gear. Read more

Tug of war only works when someone actually has grip. They might as well have just done burnouts. Read more

Yea must agree, “Hit ‘Em Up” was a brutal diss track. Like of legendary proportions. Started off unforgivably strong and never let up. Called out all names and everything. Even had some of his boys jump in on the track. Still listen to it almost weekly. Read more

If memory serves me right the Ridgeline was full-time AWD. Read more

So is the braking distance measured in miles? Read more

If the backseat were more than a sick practical joke I’d honestly REALLY consider one of these. Read more

This movie is one of my childhood favorites. I watched it again a few year back and had no idea Nazis were in it. I think I overlooked something in my youth.

That is a most excellent suggestion. They’d be stupid not to capitalize. Phase out that wretched aged Xb and bring out a CUV with optional AWD. Read more

Welp since you asked for it here you go. One Brembo Brake cover coming right up:

This looks like an angry mustached guy

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Thought I’d never agree with anything Hitler says but this video sums up my thoughts moment for moment.

Oppositelock will welcome you with wide arms. We need more Aussie coverage. Read more

Those Koreans are killing the game in marketing. Kia has the NBA and now Hyundai has the NFL. Very sound investments. Read more

You have a solid point right there. I honestly think if it was sold as a Toyota sales would be up just because it’d be seen by more potential buyers. Not often do people wander aimlessly into a Scion dealership. I understand they wanted something fun to breathe life back into the brand but they need more than the FR-S. Read more

Also it’s almost my one year anniversary on the site. May I be removed from the semi-darkness that is “The Grey”? Read more