The Last Seduction = GREAT choice! Read more

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mean, ugly, miserable, shitty people Read more

I submit for consideration “Cargo 200". I shudder just typing out the title. Ugh. Read more

How could you forget about Rochelle in Everybody Hates Chris???!!! Read more

Rebecca Schaeffer, an actress who starred on the sitcom My Sister Sam had auditioned for the part of Mary, but died prior to filming, having been killed by an obsessive fan. Read more

GOOD! This is the catalyst that needs to happen.  Read more

“I am not a racist or a turtle” says racist turtle man (fixed it for you) Read more

Can’t the US freeze his bank accounts?  Read more Read more

“If you didn’t come to party, don’t bother knocking on my door.” - Prince, 1999 Read more

As much as I love RBG, she could’ve retired while Obama was in office. Read more

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And yet they say just about every cuss word... right in front of the kiddies in addition to being mean to people. Someone needs to do a thesis on this vs. dangers of kissing. Read more

According to his memoir, Atwater saw himself as a bit of a trickster” Read more Read more

What if... McTurtle (trying to be the smartest chess player with the long game in mind) endorsed Merrick Garland because he knows more than we do at this point and Mr. Garland will do the job that McTurtle didn’t have the stones to do. McTurtle plays both sides and thinks he’ll walk away from it all with no dirt on Read more