10/12/16 12:46AM

We need Winn, Cisco, Caitlin and Felicity together; can you imagine the tech-head geekery that would ensue? The new inventions they’d come up with? The new ways to fight crime they would develop? Read more

7/09/16 9:51PM

It disgusts me when women believe that tripe. We all know women who regretted certain sexual encounters. They don’t scream “rape.” We know the difference.

7/09/16 8:49PM

When I first glanced at the headline, I was willing to give the original author the benefit of the doubt about the “not getting drunk is a safer choice” concept. I personally gave up drinking forever because a very bad thing happened to me the last time I got drunk [clarification: I am male, was not sexually Read more

7/08/16 3:33PM

My Witcher ain’t got time for booty. There’s Gwent to be played. Unless “her way” is a nice game of Gwent. I’ve got time for that. She doesn’t want to play Gwent, does she?

7/05/16 3:53PM

Remember when he was someone you disagreed with but ultimately respected? 2007 seems so long ago...

6/30/16 1:50PM

People also don’t understand that GS doesn’t equal optimal gear at all. Each rank of gear overlaps stat ranges with each other, so it is entirely possible to have a 204 weapon that is better than the new 229 weapons that are available. This goes for gear as well, people are just throwing on pieces of the new 268 stuff Read more

6/29/16 10:54AM

Another great write-up, mate. Allow me one last “fan” comment, and I promise I’ll stop... Read more

6/19/16 1:15AM

“It’s welcome all the time, but endlessly commenting on it is strange. Do you comment to your peers on how great it is that your group of friends is diverse, or tell your gay friends how cool you are with their orientation every time you see them? In real life that would be awkward, but online it seems like people do Read more

6/18/16 3:59PM

I’m just going to mention DS9. I feel it doesn’t get enough love when it comes to diversity matters. Ben Sisko, Dax, Basheer, Kira Etc. For a time when TV was SoWhite they were ahead of the game.

6/10/16 3:37PM

Thanks to everyone who keeps reading and supporting Kotaku. We love you all.