9:16 AM

At work I have a Chevy pickup, essentially the same vehicle with no rear seats, with the same drivetrain - 160hp, not that I ever need even that much - and its fuel economy is best measured in furlongs per firkin, because miles per gallon is just a little too ambitious. Read more

8:23 AM

Mine was more dank with the smell of dank. And they were Cerwin Vega 12's with a Clarion amp. 

8:19 AM

Standard Red. The creatives over in Color Nomenclature must have been out at a team-building event that day.

6:39 AM

Possibly because of US trader-customer laws and liability? All it takes is one belligerent customer to find fault with one of the cars and sue the council who sold it to him and the whole plan is out of profit and into ‘expensive’ territory, which is a strict no-no for any city council.

10:48 PM

Considering Jason’s Chang Li is the nicest car a Jalopnik writer owns, a scrapyard seems like an understatement.

2:04 PM

I haven’t been in the latest Mazda3 but my wife’s 2016 has a fantastic interior, even more so when you consider the price.  I was unimpressed by a friend’s similar vintage GTi in comparison

1:44 PM

Parallel Port...gonna have a printer!  Cross your fingers for a daisy wheel.

1:12 PM

This would eliminate any question about what my next car is. At the Toronto Autoshow in February I had it down to three each with their pros and cons:

GTI: great performance, nice exterior and interior but questionable reliability
Civic Si: great performance, reliable, so-so exterior/interior
Mazda 3 Hatch: great Read more

12:49 PM

Great news! The chassis could definitely handle more power, and if it’s going to have the same output as what you get in the CX-5 turbo, then this thing suddenly turned into a GTI/Si competitor; but with a much nicer interior.

5:30 PM

Really? Did we round up the ones that were in this country and put them in concentration camps, like we did to the Japanese citizens living here during WW2? Read more

5:15 PM

That’s...not what I’m saying. I’m saying that grouping all cops together, would be like grouping all Middle Easterners together. Not every cop is bad, or racist, just like not every person of Middle Eastern decent hates Americans and is responsible for 9/11. Read more

4:54 PM

Well, unless you can prove that NO cops have stood up, then bunching them together is wrong. Like saying all Middle Easterners are responsible for 9/11.