First gen Infiniti Q45. V8 Large car Air suspension. its like Japan did a MIT study on what makes a good “American Car” and they FUCKIN NAILED IT! That v8 has so much torque down low it’s so Great. The limited slip diff and independent rear suspension. There are probably 4 of these still in good condition but it would

Well, those things will be going up in price esp the cargo versions. Read more

25 years...

Going to drive our Transit tonight to go out and get Taco’s Read more

“reduce global manufacturing cost and complexity, alongside decreased demand for the compact van segment.” But they are still building them for Europe?  They should just say that they don’t make any money in the US because all we want are huge SUVs.   Read more

Lotus V8 Espirit

1998 Pontiac Trans Am

First-gen (91-93) 3000GT VR4 - So much cool tech wrapped in gorgeous 90's Japanese bodywork.  I put 260K on mine, and miss it every time I see one.  A modern Camry is probably faster, but it was an amazing, amazing vehicle for me. Read more

Nice! My first Z was green over tan, totaled that one. Now I have a pearl white over tan 94. Read more


Up until about a year ago, there was a guy that drove a spotless MX-6 down my street almost every day during rush hour. As a former manual Ford Probe GT owner and lover, I couldn’t help but stare wistfully at it. Haven’t seen him in a long while; I hope the car is still in good shape... Read more

The final MN-12 Lincoln Mark VIII. It had the 32v Intech V8 and four wheel independent suspension with four wheel ABS. Their final luxobarge coupe.  Read more

25 years ago? Hmm, lots of possibilities for a late 70s car to give the restomod treatment... Read more

Very hard to find one unmolested, but I owned a manual 1996 Mazda MX-6 V6 LS (1997 was the last year, which brought along the gold-trimmed M-Edition), and it was a truly excellent handling car (for a FWD). Somewhat underpowered, but with some revs and judicious gear selection, it would move briskly. Tavarish also liked

My main two cars are in this range already: 1995 Nissan Maxima and 2006 Honda S2000 Read more

I already have mine, a 1994 Nissan 300ZX. Bring back T Tops! They made the Z32 body style through 96 in the US so I believe that should make it technically eligible for this list. Read more

My Eldorado is the same age as me, still serving daily driver and road-trip champion duties. Eventually maybe it’ll be a classic, but for now it’s just a car that I like.

Oddly enough, a Saturn SC2 Coupe.  Or a Saab.   Read more