Sep 24

Harley lost its way more than two decades ago and became a cult rather than a vehicle manufacturer. They can’t get out of their own way, don’t innovate and refuse to accept the reality that what they make is widely loathed by not only most motorcycle riders, but by the general public as well.
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Sep 24

Harley will eventually be relegated to selling clothing and stickers that go on pickup trucks to boomers.

Sep 18

Right? I’m STILL enjoying my 2008 A4 Avant with a pretty solid 6MT drivetrain on the daily (or well almost daily given COVID). I have GPS with traffic (sometimes, RDS-based TMS is sort of unreliable), leather, and all that jazz. The manual neither adds nor subtracts from the pacakge, objectively. Subjectively, it Read more

Sep 15

Please don’t release it with that plain square grille Nissan... this took me 10 minutes, I’m sure it can be updated at this stage:

Sep 15

Imagine this but by someone with real photo-editing skills.

Aug 23

Cut this shit out. She is a teenager in a dysfunctional family. You are compounding her anguish. Just stop.

Aug 13

I’m trying to think of a good comparison to this, and I think I have one. This would be like if back in the day, Car and Driver bought a copy of Cars magazine, and then re-printed pictures from it in their own magazine. And when they got sued, they then claimed that because they bought a copy of the magazine, they Read more

Aug 4

Agreed. Fields was a car guy, he got it and had a passion for it. I honestly don’t think Hackett ever understood that the company he headed made products people feeling deeply about. Cars aren’t file cabinets.

Jul 24

They didn’t “move” production to China. That would assume they stopped making cars in Sweden, Belgium, and Malaysia. They opened an additional factory in China, primarily to serve that market. 

Jul 23

Bearing in mind, of course, that one small thing could leave you shafted for an expensive motor replacement, and with no fun car during the intermediate time.

Jul 23

If it was my shop, autistic people with sensory issues is about the only exception I’d make. Everybody else can wait outside, hand me a list, and I’ll do their shopping for them and bring it out. Read more